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first_imgBetis is a good team. He treats her well with the ball. I will not name the players you have. We knew we would suffer without the ball. We had our chances, but lacked precision. In every game you play life. We have to do our job and the remaining 14 matches, be serious. I hope we find the goal. Today we threw eleven times, but only once at the door. They four and two at the door. That is work, conviction. I have an honest and honest team. We lack that in the end. Have some more calm.Does the draw face the match against Celta?You have to go to Vigo with the lights on. And with the needs we have here. It is not worth doing caballas to see how the week goes. Let’s see how we recover those who are touched. You have to see how it goes. We will go with the mentality of the team that plays the descent.What is missing to win out?We defend better than what we attack. We need that end. We give every day more work to the offensive facet, because the defensive we have more assumed, assimilated. Offensively is where we are in debt. It is what we lack.What do you think of the play by Alex Moreno?Did you see my attitude, miss? I calm down, perfect. It’s football It is done. You asked that question 18 years ago and … bitch … but now … calm down. I do not know what happened. In the areas there is a mess, in that it was. There is nothing. I don’t complain I will never.In the last play he has not granted the advantage law …If I am an arbitrator, I do the same… that we can get into trouble. Neither did Braithwaite go alone. I was with one next to me. It is difficult to be a referee. I would have done the same.Good match of Soriano.Juan has been doing well for three games. With little work It was good today. But he did well. With Juan and with Pichu. Also with Lombo. It’s young … I have it warm there.What happened in Borja’s red?I saw nothing, I saw one of the physios on the floor. The referee showed him the red one and that’s it … it’s hard. Everyone wants to win. I don’t want to give it more importance.How do you manage not to leave the descent?Nothing, giving it naturalness. When we were 6 of salvation it was like that. While we depend on us. Not doing drama when lost, or euphoria of triumph. I don’t think about it anymore. In case of course you have to win. Today we have that bittersweet taste. You are with the accounts in your head …Why don’t you get Oscar holder?We have 25 players and everyone has to play. If Oscar left ask for another … It is one of those coach attacks, which removes the best according to the criteria of journalists, but the coach arrives, who is crazy and decides according to what he sees all the training and does not put it …What do you think of the schedule?The truth is that they are curious. We have very nice schedules. If it is not Friday it is at 12: 00 … today at two … Nothing happens. -J. Martin ChangesLoren Morón (45 ‘, Guido Rodríguez), Barragan (45 ‘, Emerson), Bryan Gil Salvatierra (54 ‘, Eraso), Oscar Rodriguez (54 ‘, Kévin Rodrigues), Tello (72 ‘, Joaquin), Roger Assalé (81 ‘, Hard) There are matches that tie their contestants and the jaded wins. It was the case of this tie to zero between Leganés and Betis. A binge of boredom. The locals dominated the points, but it could end with a visitor triumph if it were not for the interventions of an attentive Soriano. The guard, owned by Sevilla, stopped Rubi’s in the second half after a start without a trace of the outsiders. On the Madrid side, the effervescence of Braithwaite was insufficient. Fair point. Borja Iglesias was expelled for pushing a physio from Lega in ’93.I was sweating Butarque when the ball rolled. It was not the spring temperature. It was scary. Imported in radio waves from the other Seville. The one of Pizjuán. That one that almost lets itself be overcome by Espanyol in the prologue of this duel. Emergencies squeezing the desires of an armored Leganés in the middle that began briskly in prudence, without risks and much cement in the face of this parody of Betis ‘stunned’. What an obsession with bland tenure. What a tostón.The plan also collided with Guido and Carvalho, rusty pulleys that left the Verdiblanco attack unpublished. Nor did the Lega look mordant, although he did go around Joel’s borders more, with Braithwaite transmuted into a mocking imp to fiddle between the gaps of Bartra and Mandi. Two clear ones he had until he forced the most obvious. Recio marred in the area a good service of the ram in overtime. Topped stumbled. And in between, mess. Estrada waited three minutes at a possible hand of Alex Moreno. Penalty that seemed, but did not whistle. Then he added two. Unheard.It was not Rubi. At the break he removed Guido and Emerson and took out Barragan and Loren. He revived Betis and Aguirre responded with Bryan and Oscar. Change that envied the big and resulted in hectic game, but without bubbles. Ruibal touched 1-0, but scored an excellent against collective. Soriano broke up another of Channels that almost herd Borja if it wasn’t for Silva’s intervention. Already with Tello (Joaquin was cheered) Soriano again scored Aleñá’s goal in an ugly epilogue for the gresca that led Borja in the red.Rubi: “It is usual to stay with ten”How do you know the point?It has been a bad first time, where Leganés has made us feel uncomfortable. In the match there was a chance to score. Ugly match. I’m getting annoyed. I wanted to win. It’s not easy here, the Leganés is winning. But I’m getting annoyed.What do you think of Borja’s red?I have not been able to see it. The intention he had was to play fast and by removing the ball, it has surely displaced the boy. And he has taken the red one. It’s a classic to keep ten even the last play.Hasn’t the idea of ​​Guido-Carvalho convinced you?It is evident that in the first part we have not been comfortable with or without the ball. You had to change things. You had to put a more creative center of the field. The change has been good for him. With Barragán we have sought to have more exit from outside and we have also reduced the risk of reds for the yellow ones that the substituted ones had.Does it look far from Europe?Whenever I finish a game, I worry about things that could go better. What we are not going to do is faint. We want to approach the top positions. For us it will not be missing, although there is great distance. -J. MartinAguirre: “We need to finish better”How did you value the match?I liked my team in the first part. In the second we try to find depth. We had the first one, but it already became a round trip. The draw is fair. Each one fighting with their weapons, with their elements and needs.The match was ugly.center_img CardsReferee: Xavier Estrada FernándezVAR Referee: Ricardo de Burgos BengoetxeaEmerson (25 ‘, Yellow) Guido Rodríguez (35 ‘, Yellow) Braithwaite (65 ‘, Yellow) Rubén Pérez (73 ‘, Yellow) William Carvalho (75 ‘, Yellow) Bryan Gil Salvatierra (86 ‘, Yellow) Aitor Ruibal (86 ‘, Yellow) Borja Iglesias (92 ‘, Red) Oscar Rodriguez (93 ‘, Yellowlast_img read more