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Student anger at straight-up ‘appropriation’ of QueerfestStudent anger at straight-up ‘appropriation’ of Queerfest

first_imgCommenting on the anger, Hide explained to Cherwell, “I would view the problem as being that a lot of cis-het [cisgender and heterosexual] people come to Queerfest just because it’s a cheap party, without engaging in the any of the other events or talks that take place during queer week and without appreciating that the event is intended as a celebration of queer culture.”A Tumblr page has been set up to stress the aim of the event, asking viewers why they want to go to Queerfest. It provides two options: “Join the party” or “Celebrate all things queer”. Pressing “Join the party”, the page reads, “Maybe give it a miss? Whilst QueerFest is a great party it’s the final celebration at the end of Queer week – so it’s really just for people who want to celebrate all things queer! If that’s not you then there are plenty of other things to do.”Olivia Braddock, LGBTQIA officer, and Hannah Marshall, a Queer Week committee member, said, “It is saddening that [Queerfest] receives so much more attention than the events of Queer Week, and we would appreciate any efforts towards correcting this imbalance. It has also come to our attention that some people crashed the LGBTQ drinks this week… which is very disappointing and shows a shocking lack of respect.” Anger over the treatment of Queerfest as a party rather than a celebration of queer culture has led to thwarted efforts by the event’s organisers to prioritise the LGBTQ+ community.Queerfest is an annual celebration of queer culture run at Wadham, planned for Saturday 21st. The event is organised as part of Wadham’s ‘Queer Week’, which features events addressing the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community.Queerfest is described by its Facebook event page as a chance to “escape heteronormative hegemony and cissexist society and ascend to queer heaven”. However, many LGBTQ+ Oxford students feel this aim is undermined by non-LGBTQ+ partygoers who appropriate the event. While the event specifically says that all are welcome regardless of sexual orientation or gender, there has been anger that the rapid sale of tickets in the past has led to LGBTQ+ students missing out.Organisers of Queerfest, alongside Oxford LGBTQ Society, have made efforts to prioritise LGBTQ students this year. Joel Hide, President of Oxford LGBTQ Society, said, “This year the LGBTQ society has worked closely with Wadham’s SU LGBTQ Officer Olivia [Braddock], and the SU Entz reps to provide ways for LGBTQ people to get tickets before they go on general sale, as last year tickets sold out so quickly that a lot of queer people missed out.” Tickets for last year’s Queerfest event sold out in a matter of hours.One way that the organisers aimed to prioritise the LGBTQ+ community was by selling tickets at an LGBTQ+ drinks event prior to general release. However, widespread anger resulted after these efforts were allegedly undermined by non-LGBTQ+ attendees who crashed the LGBTQ+ drinks in order to take advantage of the early ticket sale.Comments on Oxford LGBTQ society’s Facebook page expressed anger at the crashing. Daniel Morris wrote, “The LGBTQ+ community would like to extend a massive thx to all tha cishets who showed up at drinks 2nyt, we felt so ***liberated*** as we were crushed by you while queueing for our queerfest tix. Looking forward to seeing you at future LGBTQ+ drinks to continue your excellent allyship work, and hope you’ve enjoyed attending all of the other Queerweek events!!!! [sic]” Analysis: Queer identities need space in a heteronormative society (Molly Moore)Can I go to Queerfest? That’s a question many people should have asked themselves before jumping on the party bandwagon and joining the hot pursuit for Queerfest tickets this week. The event has triggered a larger debate on the nature of queer spaces and who should primarily be able to access them (well done if you answered ‘queer people’).center_img There is no doubt that Queerfest will deliver the amazing party it has promised, but something that all students in Oxford need to account for is the limited number of queer spaces available to LGBTQ+ people in Oxford. Sure, there’s Plush. Once, there was Babylove too. Aside from LGBTQ Society events, internal college gatherings and liberation events, the scale of access to queer-only spaces is limited.As the LGBTQ Society’s Women’s Welfare Rep and Christ Church’s LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer, protecting the safety of my community is my main concern at any queer event. I’m sure countless students have been exposed to the chaos of Plush on a Friday night and the influx of cis/straight-identifying students who have turned up post-crewdate just to enjoy the party.Something that almost inextricably occurs is cis-het people taking offense at the queerness around them, or fetishising normal aspects of queer life that really aren’t their business. Having straight guys comment on how sexy they find my sexuality is something I have been exposed to more times than I could count. It’s time to sort it out. Please lads, no more.Prioritising access to tickets for LGBTQ+ students this year was an immensely positive move by Wadham SU and the LGBTQ Society. It means that people who have most likely attended other events in Queer Week will get the chance to celebrate queer culture in all its radical, glittery glory this Saturday. So we all thought. On Tuesday night at drinks I saw some familiar faces: cis-het faces that don’t normally appear at Tues-gay drinks. Either way, surely it occurred to them that LGBTQ+ events should first and foremost be accessible for LGBTQ+ people? After all, every Queer Week event is of equal value and Queerfest is but one of them.It is a complex issue, given that queer identities are numerous, non-binary, and not adherent to the boxes hegemonic society would like to place us in. But there is no way to know how queer anyone is. When accounting for the safety of LGBTQ+ individuals, it is no one’s place to assume anything about anyone’s identity. Policing queer identities is the last thing any LGBTQ+ person needs. We should not have to prove our identities, or evidence of our queerness in order to gain access to environments such as Queerfest, nor should we have to worry about being judged as ‘straight-passing’. But nor should we have to feel as though our queer spaces are threatened by cis-het people who don’t understand the significance of queer events to queer people.The solution can only be that cisgender, heterosexual people think more about fixing the imbalance between queer spaces and cis-heteronormative society. Queer Week celebrates the LGBTQIA community. Queerfest is simply the finale in a series of the amazing events which comprise Queer Week. Are you going to Queerfest to engage with queer culture? If the answer is no, maybe just take a trip to Camera instead.last_img read more

Garden HitchhikerGarden Hitchhiker

first_img “Just clip back all the leaves on your plant,” Woodward said. “If you get rid of the leaves, you’ll get rid of most of the nematodes.” After you cut the leaves from the infected plant, remove them from your garden site. “Don’t even compost the leaves, because you’ll be saving the nematodes,” Woodward said. “If you save the leaves, the nematodes will remain there all year. And they’ll be back next spring.” It’s time to shop for spring garden plants. And buyers should be careful not to bring home unwanted hitchhikers with their new additions. Worming their way into your home Woodward should know. She’s been tracking the tiny destroyer since graduate school, when she studied its effects on alfalfa in Wyoming. “Here in Georgia, I’ve seen it on hosta, helleborus, verbena, heuchera, ferns and begonias,” Woodward said. FOLIAR NEMATODES’ damage is easy to spot on both the front, above, and back, below, of plant leaves. These tiny worms live in the leaf and eat it. As it dines, it kills that tissue. Damage appears as red, purple or tan spots in between the leaf veins. Woodward said many people mistake the damage for sunburn. If in, still treatable If you need help identifying the nematode, take a sample cutting to your county Extension Service office. J. Woodward, UGA CAES Download the full-size .jpg here. To make sure the nematode doesn’t make its way to your home, watch for signs of disease when you buy garden plants. “Don’t buy anything that looks like it has a disease,” Woodward warns. “If looks abnormal, don’t buy it.” If you already have the nematode in your home garden, it’s not too late to get rid of it.center_img University of Georgia plant pathologists say a foliar nematode, or microscopic worm, is making its way into home gardens and landscapes by hitching a ride on plant hosts. “This nematode has been found on up to 200 host plants, including vegetables, herbaceous perennials, flowering annuals, houseplants — really, just about any plant,” said Jean Woodward, a plant pathologist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Keep them out to start with J. Woodward, UGA CAES Nematodes’ damage The nematode causes leaf decay and discoloration and stunts plants’ growth. But it doesn’t kill the plants. “It lives in the leaf and kills the tissue as it feeds,” Woodward said. “Infested leaves may have yellow, red, purple or tan spots. Not many people recognize the spots as being caused by foliar nematodes.” The nematode feeds in the leaf area between the veins, which results in discolored angular spots or long streaks, depending on the vein pattern of the leaf. On hostas, she said, the nematode looks like additional stripes. In helleborus, it looks like angular purple spots. “People see the spots on helleborus and think it’s just sunburning or scorching,” Woodward said. Download the full-size .jpg here.last_img read more

Weekend Picks: Amphibious Duathlon, Charlotte N.C.Weekend Picks: Amphibious Duathlon, Charlotte N.C.

first_imgThis weekend we have a great race for you to check out. The Amphibious Duathlon in Charlotte, N.C. consists of two 5k trail runs bookending a 2k flatwater paddle around Sadler Island in the Catawba River. In the past it’s been one of our favorite events, and this year promises to be no different.Unfortunately race spots for Saturday August 2nd are all taken, but you can still sign up for the race on August 3rd here. If you’d rather just wing it, Race Day Registration starts at 7:00 a.m. and ends at 7:45, and the race begins at 8:00 a.m. sharp, so be ready for an early start.Logistics:Registration on Race Day is $50, which is a pretty good deal considering you’re essentially getting 3 races for what one would cost you. It’d be a good idea to bring some extra cash for food and drinks after the race.Sit on top Kayaks are provided for everyone who enters the race, but you’re more than welcome to bring your own. Just be aware you’ll need to transport and secure whatever water craft you bring. If you’re feeling creative you can even enter the Build Your Own Boat Festival and get some cool prizes.The race organizers don’t want you bringing music or headphones for safety purposes, but you’re more than welcome to use handsfree gear or a CamelBak if you’d like.Volunteering:If you’re going with a loved one, or you’re just looking for something to do, why not volunteer? You can contact the Race Director at [email protected] Amphibious Duathalon is part of the Coca Cola GET ACTIVE CHALLENGE which you can read more about here.2014_AmphibiousDuathlon_CourseMap.jpglast_img read more

Cricket News Nathan McCullum declared dead on social media, former New Zealand cricketer says he is aliveCricket News Nathan McCullum declared dead on social media, former New Zealand cricketer says he is alive

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. The cricket page had said, “Nathan Leslie McCullum (born September 1, 1980) is a former New Zealand international cricketer, who represented New Zealand in Twenty20 international and One Day Internationals. This evening, his wife Vannessa announced that he had passed away. RIP NATHAN.” For a brief moment, even the Wikipedia page of the player was updated with the announcement that Nathan had died.Read More |Virat Kohli’s advocacy of Test cricket great for future: David Gower Following all the uproar, Nathan posted one more update where he was seen throwing the first pitch for the Tuatara’s final game of their Australian Baseball League series against Canberra at McLeod Park in West Auckland.McCullum brothers and their contribution to New ZealandNathan announced his retirement from international cricket at the end of the 2015 season. The 38-year-old has played 84 One-Day Internationals and 61 Twenty20 internationals for his country, having made his debut in 2007.On the other hand, his brother Brendon has created several records for New Zealand. He is the only cricketer to play 100 consecutive Tests and holds the record for the fastest century in Tests, which he achieved off 54 balls against Australia in Christchurch in 2016. Brendon is the only New Zealand player to hit a triple century in Tests and he achieved this milestone against India at the Basin Reserve in 2014. The younger McCullum almost led New Zealand to glory in the 2015 World Cup but they lost the final to Australia at the MCG. New Delhi: For a brief moment on December 1, former New Zealand player Nathan McCullum, the brother of former Blackcaps captain Brendon McCullum, was announced dead on social media. A cricket page titled ‘New Zealand Cricket FanHub’ announced the news on their Facebook handle and it spread like wildfire, prompting anxious calls from friends of the all-rounder. However, Nathan brushed the rumours by posting an update on his Twitter handle where he was celebrating with his friends. It read, “I am alive and kicking more than ever before. Not sure where this news has come from but this is fake. Love you all.”Read More |Kohli focused only on cricket, not on confrontations vs Australia The news did not go down well with Brendon, who posted an angry update on his Twitter handle. Brendon, currently playing for the Rajputs team in the T10 League, said, “Tonight someone decided, via social media to release that my brother passed away! I am on a flight back to NZ and my heart broke! None of it is true! Whoever put this out there, I’ll find you! Somewhere, somehow.”last_img read more