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Guyana granted Islamic Development Bank membershipGuyana granted Islamic Development Bank membership

first_imgGuyana has received approval for membership in the Islamic Development Bank from the Board of ExecutiveFinance Minister Winston JordanDirectors.This has been communicated by Finance Minister Winston Jordan.The Islamic Development Bank is an entity which provides interest-free loan financing for developmental projects, mainly in the areas of basic infrastructure and agriculture.  Loans are limited to US$10 million and only carry a fee to cover related administrative expenses. The repayment period is between 15-25 years and includes a grace period of three to seven years depending on the recipient country’s classification.The Bank also offers financing in projects in health, education, industry, water and sanitation, transport and energy sectors, as well as a range of services, such as technical assistance, trade financing, insurance of investment and export credits.With the membership, Guyana will now be able to participate in the 41st Board of Governors Meeting, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from May 17-19.last_img read more

Ambassadors in Milwaukee inviting diaspora to come and visit DonegalAmbassadors in Milwaukee inviting diaspora to come and visit Donegal

first_imgA team of ambassadors from Donegal have been busy in Milwaukee this week representing the county and inviting people with Irish links to come and visit the coolest place on the planet.The 39th annual Milwaukee Irish Fest – the largest celebration of Irish culture and heritage in the United States – has been taking place in Wisconsin. The four-day festival – which has a huge audience of more than 130,000 visitors – was an ideal opportunity for Tourism Ireland to showcase Donegal and Ireland.Among the team from Donegal are Deirdre McGlone, Donegal Tour Guide Henry Doohan and Barney McLaughlin and Sarah Nolan, from Donegal County Council. Deirdre McGlone, Harvey’s Point; Henry Doohan, Donegal tour guide; Billy Condon, Tourism Ireland; Minister Ciarán Cannon; Barney McLaughlin and Sarah Nolan, both Donegal County Council; and Ruth Moran, Tourism Ireland, at the Milwaukee Irish Fest. Photo: Hayley MacCiarán Cannon, Minister of State for the Diaspora and International Development, attended the festival, where he met with the Tourism Ireland team and the delegation of tourism enterprises from around the island of Ireland who attended this year’s festival – including Donegal County Council.“The Milwaukee Irish Fest provides another really good platform for Tourism Ireland to showcase Donegal and Ireland and the diversity of our heritage and culture to prospective American visitors,” said Alison Metcalfe, Tourism Ireland’s Head of North America.“It was a wonderful opportunity to invite some of the many people of Irish descent living and working in the US, as well as those with Irish connections or an affinity for Ireland, to come and visit.”“Tourism Ireland has prioritised North America as a market which offers a strong return on investment, in terms of holiday visitors and expenditure. The most recent CSO figures, for January-June, indicate growth of +9.1% in arrivals from North America. Tourism Ireland is rolling out an extensive and targeted programme of promotions throughout 2019, to continue to grow visitor numbers from North America.” Ambassadors in Milwaukee inviting diaspora to come and visit Donegal was last modified: August 22nd, 2019 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

A working effort to improve SA’s competitivenessA working effort to improve SA’s competitiveness

first_imgHoedspruit, Limpopo province: Blyde River Dam wall. (Image: Chris Kirchhoff, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com)Johannesburg, Wednesday 15 July 2015 –  Brand South Africa has noted the recent report from the South African Chamber of Commerce that the country’s business confidence has fallen sharply.Download press releaseIt is without dispute that both public and corporate South Africa agree about the economic challenges facing the country.  The challenges including, amongst others, those of energy security, job creation, competition to attract inward flows of investment and inadequate infrastructure are similar to those experienced by many middle incoming, developing countries.Similar challenges were identified at the 2015 7th BRICS Summit which concluded in Ufa, Russian Federation last week.  The Summit concluded with the observation that structural reforms, domestic adjustment and the promotion of innovation are critical to driving sustained economic growth.  All member states are equally committed to promoting high and productive employment.Despite the current challenges which are impacting negatively on the country’s economic growth and outlook, Brand South Africa is cognisant that the implementation of the National Development Plan and its supporting plans – New Growth Path and National Infrastructure Plan – will contribute to uplifting the country’s economy.  It is also confident that South Africa’s partnerships and collaboration with other countries, and fora – including BRICS, will yield innovative solutions that contribute to South Africa’s efforts to respond to its triple challenges of poverty, underdevelopment and job creation.  This will be critical to positioning the country as an investment and business destination of choice.With a view to unlocking South Africa’s economic potential, the country has embarked on a 9-Point Plan comprising simultaneous actions in key strategic areas, aimed at revitalising the economy.This plan consists of the following:Resolving the energy challengeRevitalising the agriculture and agro-processing value chainAdvancing beneficiation and adding value to our mineral wealthMore effective implementation of a higher-impact Industrial Policy Action planEncouraging private sector involvementModerating workplace conflictUnlocking the potential of SMMEs, co-ops, township and rural enterprisesState reform, including boosting the role of state owned companies in broadband, water, sanitation and transport infrastructure, andGrowing the ocean economy and tourismWork is already underway in some areas.Building a common marketIn June 2015, officials, representing 26 countries including South Africa, signed an agreement to establish a free-trade zone, which will be the continent’s largest yet. These 26 countries are home to 626 million people and account for 58% of the continent’s gross domestic product of roughly R15 trillion. This will expand markets and create enormous opportunities for trade and investment.The country’s young people must be mobilised and supported to form both a market for our goods and services and equally as the labour force that will drive our economic growth and development.  We must collectively maximise our positive youth dividend.Infrastructure developmentBy the end of 2014 government had spent R1 trillion in developing the necessary infrastructure to position South Africa as a globally competitive business and investment destination.South Africa’s investment in infrastructure also includes, amongst others, energy, water infrastructure, sanitation, rail, road-based public transport, and hospital revitalisation.EnergyRecognising the risks posed to South Africa’s growth, development and global competitiveness, of energy insecurity, South Africa has prioritised its investment in addressing the challenges in this area.In addition to the construction of new power stations – Medupi and Kusile – and the iNgula Pumped Storage Scheme, South Africa has enabled significant investment in the renewable energy sector totalling some R168 billion in the Four Bidding windows announced to date.South Africa is now regarded as the global leader in renewable energy, having approved 79 Independent Power Producer Projects totalling 5 243 MW.The extent of technology maturation from this programme, has over a very short space of time, reduced the cost from 115c per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in the first bidding round to 62c per kilowatt-hour (kWh) by the fourth bidding round.Government has also issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the commissioning of 3 126 MW of power from natural gas, with initial power expected to be available by 2020. Steps are also under way to switch Eskom’s open-cycle gas turbines from diesel to natural gas.Over the next six months, government will be procuring additional co-generation capacity of about 800MW from the private sector. The process of procuring up to 2 500MW from independent power producers generating electricity from coal was initiated in December 2014 and this power should be added to the grid by 2020Operation PhakisaSouth Africa has taken a comprehensive approach to transport infrastructure including the role of ports and the oceans economy through Operation Phakisa.  As part of Operation Phakisa’s initiative to unlock the economic potential of our oceans, R7 billion has been allocated for investment in South Africa’s ports by Transnet Ports Authority.A further commitment of R9.2 billion of public and private investment has been committed for the construction of a new berth in Saldana Bay, the extension of the Mossgas Quay and the refurbishment of the Offshore Supply Base.High impact industrial planIndustrialisation remains the key route to creating sustainable jobs at appropriate skills levels and in the quantities that South Africa requires to achieve inclusive, job rich growth.  Consequently the 2015/16 IPAP to be launched in April 2015 will prioritise the development and expansion of industries supplying Government’s trillion Rand infrastructure build programme, especially in areas such as ICT, Energy, Transport, Oil, Gas, and Water and Sanitation.last_img read more

iPhone Letdown? 8 Things Apple Didn’t AnnounceiPhone Letdown? 8 Things Apple Didn’t Announce

first_imgTags:#Apple#mobile#web Related Posts sarah perez Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The iPhone 4 is now here and it’s all that we had hoped for and… well, that’s about it. Apple’s now predictable keynote began with stats, ended with “one more thing” and detailed a few highlights throughout regarding the company’s latest creation, the iPhone 4.But one thing didn’t happen today: We weren’t blown away. We weren’t surprised. We didn’t jump up and down, screaming. We don’t even know if we’ll rush right out and get one. In fact, we might just skip the iPhone altogether and get an Android phone instead. Blame Gizmodo if you will, for spoiling all our fun with its spy shots of the iPhone prototype “found” in a bar. But we don’t think that was the problem. No, the problem is that iPhone has lost its edge. Meanwhile, Android is killing it. iPhone 4 or Android?Case in point, here’s the conversation this blogger had with the spouse: Me: It’s only $199 to upgrade my iPhone!Him: Is it 4G?Me: No.Him: What’s cool about it?Me: Um, it’s got a better camera. And it’s faster. And it has a 3-axis gyro thingy. Him: What’s that? Me: This thing for games, it helps when you rotate the phone, the game rotates.Him: That’s cool, but you don’t really play games, do you?Me: Not really. But it has HD video recording! Him: So does your camera. Me: And threaded email… And video chat! Him: Over 3G? Me: Well, no. Over Wi-Fi. And only with other iPhones. But EVO has Qik, and that works over 4G, actually. Hmm, maybe I should just get an EVO.In fact, maybe I just will. While I’m at it, here are a few more things that Apple didn’t announce today:1. 4GNo, it was not the “iPhone 4G,” it was the iPhone 4. Why? Because AT&T isn’t set to roll out its 4G network until next year. And Apple didn’t surprise us by finally confirming the mythical Verizon iPhone – not that we expected it at this point. But still. Where’s my iPhone 4G already? 2. Cloud iTunes/OTA SyncSure, Apple just bought Lala.com, but couldn’t they have at least teased us about the forthcoming “cloud iTunes?” After all, that’s what Google did. At its recent I/O conference, Google announced that an upcoming version of the Android Market would allow music and app downloads and automatic over-the-air sync. Is Apple even thinking about doing this? We have no idea. 3. 3G Video Chat FaceTime, Apple’s new mobile iChat-like application, will probably be fun, but it’s not game-changing. It only works over Wi-Fi for one thing (thanks, AT&T), not 3G. Meanwhile, Qik and Fring already have video chat apps for Android, and Skype is hinting at an Android app arriving this year. Oh, and Qik on EVO offers 4G video chat, too. 4. Mobile HotspotIn the current version of the Android operating system (the operating system!), there’s a feature that lets an Android phone function as a mobile hotspot. Carriers can choose to implement this feature or not. The iPhone, meanwhile, can be tethered for $20 extra per month via USB or Bluetooth on AT&T. 5. Free MobileMeApple wants to compete with Google, but still charges $99/year for MobileMe (for the smallest package) while Google gives away its low-end services for free. That’s not working for us either. 6. Voice InputTrying to stop your dangerous texting while driving habit? Better get an Android phone. Although universal voice input is probably coming to the iPhone thanks to Apple’s acquisition of Siri – a cutting edge, voice-based digital assistant – it’s not here yet. When it is arriving, though? Apple’s reluctance to disclose future plans has us again, looking to Android, which does this right now. 7. Free navigationNavigation on the iPhone? There’s an app for that! Yep, but it’s not free. Google, meanwhile, offers Google Maps Navigation for free on all Android phones. Apple, either provide your own app or make nice with Google and use theirs, for goodness’ sake. 8. Dashboard We were halfway hoping that the recent news about Apple killing off all the dashboard apps on the iPhone and iPad meant the company was going to launch its own dashboard-like app similar to Android’s widgets. Guess we were wrong here, too. Conclusion?All this being said, the iPhone 4 is still a great smartphone thanks to other hardware-based innovations like its “retina display” (326 pixels per inch!), its integrated antennas, and its glass and stainless steel casing housing the thinnest iPhone to date: 9.3 mm thick. But now that the hardware has been modernized, maybe Apple can focus on the software? center_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaceslast_img read more

Character Animation Fundamentals for After EffectsCharacter Animation Fundamentals for After Effects

first_imgLearn the best techniques to give characters cartoon-like movement in After Effects. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the AE puppet tool and everything you need to get started with character animation.Character animation can be intimidating – but with After Effects you can actually give your characters realistic movements quite easily. In the following tutorial I’ll walk you through the fundamentals of character animation and the puppet tool. I’ve included the After Effects project file below so you can try it alongside the tutorial on your own.Using Photoshop, I first created a 2D character that we’ll be animating in AE  (I’m calling this character “Baldy”) . Grab the After Effects project file and Baldy’s corresponding Photoshop file here:[maxbutton id=”6″]By breaking your character into individual layers in Photoshop, you can apply the animation to each layer individually in After Effects. So, when importing the PSD into After Effects make sure the layers are retained:Apply the AE puppet tool, and then pins, to each layer of your character (the pins will be used to control the character movement). In the tutorial I show you how to tweak the pin positions to create unique movement for each layer.Once you’ve got the body movement animated over time, you can continuously loop it with a simple time remap expression.We’ll finish up by modifying the overall position of the character so that he appears to walk across the frame, and by adding a shadow to give the animation more depth.Using the puppet tool and simple keyframing techniques, this tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of character animation in After Effects. It’s not nearly as intimidating as you might be making it out to be!Got questions about this After Effects tutorial or character animation?Share in the comments below!last_img read more