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German nuclear reactor repurposed into a theme parkGerman nuclear reactor repurposed into a theme park

first_imgIf you are starting to make plans for this year’s summer vacation, you may want to add Dusseldorf, Germany to your list of possible destinations. Where else in the world can you take your family to a theme park built into the remains of a nuclear reactor?Before you start shopping for a personal geiger counter, the theme park named Wunderland Kalkar was built inside a facility that has never been put into operation. Originally called SNR-300, construction delays and resident protests forced a cessation of efforts to bring the plant online. The site sat dormant until Hennie van der Most, a Dutch entrepreneur, purchased it with the idea of making it into an amusement park for families. Right now Wunderland Kalkar has 40 outdoor attractions including a swing ride that puts thrill seekers over the top of the facilities cooling tower. Guests can also enjoy eating at one of the park’s four restaurants or getting some liquid courage from the seven different themed pubs available. There is even a hotel for people wanting to stay overnight to make sure they hit all the rides. Included with the price of admission are all you-can-eat french fries, soft drinks and ice cream. Sounds like a pretty good deal!Currently van der Most is again showing his ingenuity by constructing an indoor theme park designed for use during the cold winter months. This indoor amusement area is being built right into the unused reactor building, which can be seen as either creepy or smart depending on the way you look at it. Looking at Wunderland’s website, the video shown makes it look like any other amusement park we have seen, and a good one at that. It must have something going for it as the park boasts an attendance of over 600,000 guests a year. Read more at Wiredlast_img read more