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Ring Fit Adventure Is a Nintendo Switch Exercise RPGRing Fit Adventure Is a Nintendo Switch Exercise RPG

first_imgStay on target Last week, after showcasing of bunch of traditional games in a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo teased us with a first look at something much stranger coming to the Nintendo Switch. We didn’t see gameplay, but we did see a bunch of people all over the world playing with some kind of a weird big hoop thing and a leg strap with Joy-Con attached. We had a lot of questions, but pretty much everyone guessed this was some kind of new exercise game in the vein of the ultra-successful Wii Fit.And pretty much everyone was right. Check out the full introduction to Ring Fit Adventure, an exercise RPG coming to Nintendo Switch next month.First off, that hoop controller finally gets a name. It’s the Ring-Con, following the Joy-Con and the Toy-Con Labo cardboard creations. The leg strap monitors upper body movement while you squeeze the hoop for upper body workouts.You can adjust the resistance level depending on your flex experience. It’s a cool way to get a full body workout with minimal heavy equipment. There’s even a mode for silent leg movements if you don’t want to make too much noise in an apartment. However, this setup means that while the game is technically compatible with the Nintendo Switch Lite, playing using the portable-focused system wouldn’t be idealRing Fit Adventure lets you do simple routines and play quick minigames when you need an exercise in a pinch. But for something more involved and potentially more fun, there’s the actual adventure itself. It looks like a little RPG. Players jog in place to move their character across linear levels and move other parts of their body to perform certain actions. When battling against enemies, you choose from different exercise-based attacks like yoga poses and defensive ab postures. As your character levels up in the game, your body hopefully levels up in real life.Ring Fit Adventure launches October 18 for $80. Meanwhile, here are some more sedentary games to play on your Nintendo Switch right now. ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ Was Final Mission From Late Nintendo President last_img read more