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2 nabbed with Rahaman’s Park Christmas tree straps2 nabbed with Rahaman’s Park Christmas tree straps

first_imgSwift investigations by Police ranks in the Georgetown area have led to the capture of two men accused of stealing the ratchet straps that held the Rahaman’s Park Christmas tree in place.At about 11:00hrs on Saturday, during a period of heavy winds, the structure came crashing down, and it was subsequently discovered that the straps were purposefully removed.According to information reaching  Guyana Times  on Sunday, Police swooped down on a nearby location and reportedly caught the suspected bandits red-handed with some of the stolen straps. They were arrested and taken into custody as Police continue their investigations into the matter.Speaking on the sidelines of the re-directed Christmas tree light-up on Sunday afternoon, the Park’s proprietor, Ray Rahaman, told this publication that he was pleased that suspects have been arrested for the theft, and that some of the materials were recovered.Rahaman, however, noted that he is eager to retrieve the missing straps, and is hopeful that Police would be able to ascertain if any other person is involved in the theft of his property.He highlighted that the act could have ruined the event, which went ahead despite the setback.After the artificial tree had fallen on Saturday, the Police were alerted, and traffic ranks were quickly deployed to re-direct traffic as workmen removed the 70-foot tree, which Rahaman contended could not be fixed due to the damage it sustained. An evergreen Christmas tree, also standing at 70 feet, was selected to illuminate the area.The businessman had observed the danger that surrounded the artificial tree’s falling, as one of the workmen was atop the structure just moments before it had collapsed. Rahaman has vowed that the destroyed tree would be replaced in less than two weeks.last_img read more