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APNU/AFC “good life” is the reason to disregard democracyAPNU/AFC “good life” is the reason to disregard democracy

first_imgDear Editor,The plight of Guyanese continues to escalate to a level that is quite unbearable, while this APNU/AFC coalition Government refuses to resolve these issues. Most persons who voted for this coalition Government are awaiting the “good life”, promised by this Government, and it must be noted that only the ‘cabal’ of the APNU/AFC is enjoying the ‘good life’ in Guyana.The ‘good life’ that is being created for the APNU/AFC cabal and the fright of losing it is the sole reason why David Granger refuses to announce a date for the Regional and General Elections that has been constitutionally due since March 21, 2019, while the farce of House-to-House Registration is being used to delay the elections. David Granger should be held responsible for the disrespect of the Constitution and stifling of democracy.The situation in Region Five where an elected tier of Government is being allowed to be trampled upon by David Granger and his APNU/AFC coalition since its formation in 2015 can be considered an ideal example to convince Guyanese that David Granger is not a ‘Church Boy’, for democracy but an individual who joined with the forces to ensure that democracy continues to be disregarded.As Guyanese, we must not allow David Granger and his cabal to derail democracy in Guyana but ensure that we stand up against any individual or forces that would try to trample upon democracy.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img read more