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Espai Barça never endEspai Barça never end

first_imgHe April 5, 2014six years ago this Sunday, 72.36% of partners del Fútbol Club Barcelona voted yes to the Espai Barça project designed byr Sandro Rosell and finally activated by Josep Maria Bartomeu. Of the 118,578 members called on April 5, only 37,535 voted. Up to 27,161 voted in favor of a project that had 9,589 votes against and 751 blank votes. The participation was of a little 31.65 percent. But the ‘soci’ had voted yes to Espai Barça.Six years after that vote, and as if from a curse it was, he Espai Barçabeyond the inauguration of the Johan Cruyff Stadium, still does not start. But not only has its roadmap been delayed. Also their financing conditions. So much so that the board has already admitted that the project will have to undergo a second referendum.Initially, the Espai Barça budget amounted to 600 million. Some 420 were budgeted to put a new skin to the Camp Nou (The winning project was that of the Japanese studio Nikken Sekkei, whose excellence is questioned by some experts); 90 million more would be dedicated to the Nou Palau and the rest, to the works of conditioning a new space around the facilities that would touch the streets adjacent to the Camp Nou. The 600 million were to come out of a simple three-part partition. The Barca I would ask 200 million euros from a bank, others 200 million would come out of naming rights and, finally, the last 200 would come from operating profits from restaurant services, shops, ticketing … He time passed, the agreements with the City Council were delayed and the project price grew. Furthermore, and after flirt with some foreign and national multinationals (Grifols) for the hackneyed title right, a study of Goldman Sachs helped, supposedly, to change the strategy of Barça. According to that Goldman Sachs study, the new recreation space, With the Nou Camp Nou as the jewel in the crown, it could produce up to 150 million euros in income of exploitation. It was therefore working use a credit that it would have to be returned year after year with that operating income but that, in the long run, could generate more benefits in the club And, above all, he would not be a slave to the contract he signed with the company that would give the Camp Nou a surname. Furthermore, the Barça found from the beginning the trouble that no company, no matter how big, wanted advance 200 million. Multinationals only accepted installment payments.So the idea of new financing of the Espai Barça began to gather strength as the works never started (the last date was this summer 2020) and Bartomeu and its Board of Directors considered the convening of a extraordinary assembly of compromisarios for start it. But it was not like that. Finally, and perhaps for fear of losing that vote, as had happened with the new shield at the 2019 Assembly, Bartomeu rethought the situation and activated the idea of a second referendum. This would put the candidates of the 2021 elections in check, who should approve their project. And, in case of losing, I would say that it was the partner’s democratic decision.The coronavirus crisis, The last stumbling block that Espai Barça has encountered, has braking the summons of that second referendum that he is now thinking about the end of the year, but that he has already found a discordant voice. Victor Font dropped that, given the proximity of the elections (June 2021), could sound logical that the candidates back to them expose your financing ideas to give the green light to Espai Barça. Basically that the idea of Espai Barça between within the electoral campaign and that, once elected president, it be done based on how he projected it. Bartomeu has not yet spoken publicly about that Font amendment. But it has announced the convening of a second referendum.The immovable is that, six years after the referendum that gave the project the green light, Espai Barça is the Espai Barça never end.last_img read more