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Nenagh AFC a “wounded animal” ahead of play-offNenagh AFC a “wounded animal” ahead of play-off

first_imgKick-off tomorrow is at 2.30pm. After Nenagh Celtic knocked out Nenagh AFC in the Tipperary Cup semi-finals, tomorrow’s Premier Division play-off means even more to Dave Rooney’s Nenagh Town side. Rooney’s outfit are looking for their fifth successive League title before they depart the NTDL. He says the Tipperary Cup defeat will motivate his players during tomorrow’s local derby and he always saw Celtic as their main rivals. last_img

Ray Saunders to become England Golf President 2014Ray Saunders to become England Golf President 2014

first_img Ray Saunders, a past President of Kent and a former chairman of the EGU Championship Committee, has accepted the nomination to become President Elect of England Golf for the year 2013 with a view to becoming President in 2014. The 72 year old has been a keen supporter of golf and football for most of his life and is surprised and delighted to be considered for the presidency. “I was surprised to be asked,” he said. “Surprised, because at times I haven’t conformed to convention. For example, when I was Chairman of the Championship Committee we changed the format of the English Amateur Championship, which didn’t go down well in certain quarters. “But this is a massive honour and I don’t believe anyone from Kent has been president before. I can’t recall anyone and I’m certainly looking forward to it.” Ray was born in Fulham just before the Second World War and joined the Metropolitan Police as a 19 year old. He stayed for seven years during which most of his duties were confined to the notorious area of Soho. He also played for the Met soccer team which won the Police Championship in 1966, beating Liverpool at Anfield. He had earlier had trials with Fulham but was disappointed not to be signed when the likes of Alan Mullery and George Cohen were. However, he has always been, and remains, an avid Fulham fan. On leaving the police in 1966, he and a partner went into wholesale and retail business with shops in Leytonstone, East London, selling confectionery and tobacco. That lasted until 1979 when another change came when he joined a firm of chartered accountants in the West End and became their financial advisor until he retired in 1999. Living in Kent, he has been a member of the Mid Kent Golf Club for over 40 years and in 1986 was asked by the late Eric Green to run the county colts’ team. He did that for six years during which his youngsters won the South East League South and the playoffs against the South East North champions on two occasions. Meanwhile, Ray became involved with a charity Channel swim. With five others, he completed the crossing from France to England to raise funds for the National Heart Foundation after losing several friends with heart problems. Ray became Kent golf captain for four years in 1992, again winning the South East League and playoffs. Between 1996 and 1999, he completely revamped the county’s coaching system with improved results. In 1999, he became Kent President for four years and became the county’s representative on the South East and its voting member with the English Golf Union (EGU). By then a qualified referee, he joined the EGU Championship Committee in 2000 and became chairman in 2006, again for four years. He still acts as a referee for England Golf, Kent and various events in the south east but grows increasingly concerned about players not supporting county golf. “But I can see it from their viewpoint that they have so many tournaments to play in and you can’t blame them for furthering their golfing careers by doing so,” he adds. Ray and his wife Eileen recently celebrated their Golden Wedding and they have two children, a boy and a girl, three grandchildren and another on the way. Ray’s other passion is his ever-growing library of golf books, most of which are the histories of golf clubs. “I now have around 300 and am always looking to add to the collection,” he says. 28 Aug 2012 Ray Saunders to become England Golf President 2014 last_img read more

Adopt-A-Pet Dog of the WeekAdopt-A-Pet Dog of the Week

first_imgFacebook182Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Adopt-A-Pet of SheltonRomeo is a young neutered male Miniature Schnauzer. He is a very smart, loving boy who is happy to spend most of the day in your lap, at your feet, or beside you on the sofa. He does enjoy walks around the neighborhood and gets along with other dogs his size.Romeo likes to know where his people are at all times and will try to herd small children so we recommend only older kids. Romeo is an excellent watch dog and will let you know when someone is at the door. Romeo would be an excellent companion for an adult family.We have many great dogs and always need volunteers.  To see all our current dogs, visit www.adoptapet-wa.org , our Facebook at “Adopt-A-Pet of Shelton Washington” or visit the shelter on Jensen Road in Shelton.  You can contact us at [email protected] or (360) 432-3091.last_img read more

Photo library: Nature 7Photo library: Nature 7

first_img{loadposition tc}Click on a thumbnail for a low-resolution image, or right-click on the link below it to download a high-resolution copy of the image.» Download Nature contact sheet (785KB) » Download full image library contact sheet (10.5MB) Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal province: Flowers on the mountain in the Injasuthi Nature Reserve. Photo: Mary Alexander, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province: The aquarium at the uShaka Marine World theme park. Photo: Graeme Williams, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province: Snake exhibit at the aquarium, uShaka Marine World theme park. Photo: Graeme Williams, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Durban, KwaZulu-Natal province: The seal show at the uShaka Marine World theme park. Photo: Graeme Williams, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Limpopo province: Baobab trees stand out against the bushy landscape near Musina. Photo: Graeme Williams, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Limpopo province: Baobab trees stand out against the bushy landscape near Musina. Photo: Graeme Williams, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Limpopo province: Baobab trees stand out against the bushy landscape near Musina. Photo: Graeme Williams, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Limpopo province: A scops owl in the Kruger National Park. Photo: MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res image Limpopo province: Elephant in the Kruger National Park. Photo: MediaClubSouthAfrica.com » Download high-res imageNATURE 7: {loadposition nature}Having trouble downloading high-resolution images? Queries about the image library? Email Janine Erasmus at [email protected]last_img read more

South African swims the length of BritainSouth African swims the length of Britain

first_img22 November 2013“I was told I was going to die & it couldn’t be done. But after 135 days, I’ve only gone and done it,” South African Sean Conway wrote on Twitter on 11 November after becoming the first person to swim the length of Great Britain.Conway left Land’s End in Cornwall on 30 June and reached John O’Groats in Scotland on 11 November.“It’s now been 10 days since I’ve become the first person to swim the length of Great Britain (via Ireland). My supposedly two-month swim took me four-and-a-half months as I battled 12 degree water, jellyfish stings in the face and 20-foot waves,” he said in an e-mail to SAinfo this week.‘The hardest thing I have ever done’“It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done,” Conway said. “It was great to have fellow South Africa swimmer Kenton Kirkwood come over and swim with me as I made my way up Ireland. While he was with us we did your biggest day of 32km. That was a huge boost to the team morale.”For a man who has cycled around the world, covering 25 750 kilometres, three- quarters of those with a fractured spine, that’s quite a statement. However, there is a reason no one had swum the length of Britain previously, and for a man whose previous longest swim had been three miles (4.8 kilometres), it was a massive challenge.‘It’s my oxygen’Conway, though, is driven by big challenges. Before his departure he told SAinfo: “It’s my oxygen. I seem to thrive at being cold, wet, hungry and sleep deprived. I can’t explain it. I actually get panic attacks at the thought of being average and just existing on this planet.”During the swim, Conway grew a huge, red beard that has become a media sensation in its own right, but which served to protect him against jellyfish stings.“I’ve inadvertently now become ‘The Swimmer’ and it still hasn’t sunk in at all. Being cold and wet for four-and-a-half months has taken its toll and I’m keen to take some time out and relax for a bit.”The Midmar MileRecalling where his love for endurance challenge began, he added: “Thanks to everyone at the Midmar Mile. I started my swimming career there at the age of 11 and it’s been great knowing I’ve had their support.”When Conway takes on his challenges – which have also included climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in a penguin suit – he always does his bit for charity. On this occasion, he chose War Child to be the beneficiary of his efforts.War Child protects children from the brutal effects of war and helps to rebuild their lives. It works in some of the world’s most dangerous countries, providing life- changing support for the most vulnerable children whose homes, families and communities have been torn apart by conflict.Save the RhinoAnother charity which is close to Conway’s heart is Save the Rhino. His father, Tony, having been chairman of the KwaZulu-Natal Rhino Management Group for 19 years, a member of the IUCN African Rhino Specialist Group for 22 years, and a member of the SADC Rhino Management Group for seven years, is at the forefront of the efforts to save the rhino.Johannesburg-based Kent Kirkwood, a friend from Conway’s school days in KwaZulu- Natal and a top swimmer with international experience, is also a strong campaigner for Save the Rhino. Kirkwood flew over to the UK to swim with Conway for a week, to provide support and to swim for Save the Rhino. In the end, the raised just short of R30 000 for the charity.“It was surreal. It was an amazing thing and was up there with the best things I have ever done because it was unique,” Kirkwood told SAinfo this week.‘A real fighter’Kirkwood recalled an incident before the Swimming Britain challenge when Conway asked him for some expert advice. “When Sean was out here at the end of last year, he said to me ‘Kent, I need some pointers with my stroke’. He jumped into the pool at a family friend of ours and he started swimming up and down. I thought ‘Oh no, this guy’s going to swim a thousand miles with that stroke!’ But he’s a real fighter. Sean’s determination and the grit is just something else.”Later, Kirkwood said: “When we were swimming together, the whole time I was having to sit up and turn onto my back, do a bit of breaststroke, to let him catch up. He’s not efficient in the water. It wasn’t an easy thing for him to do. That’s why I have so much respect for him.”Kirkwood had joined up with his friend in Ireland after Conway had been swept across to Ireland just after he crossed the Bristol Channel. They met in the south of Ireland.‘Like a bath tub’“Sean said to me he had a very, very small boat, so I should just bring a plastic bag,” Kirkwood said. “I rocked up there with my tiny little bag and got onto this boat, which was like a bath tub, parked in a little port down in the south of Ireland, and that was the beginning of our week.“It was surreal. There was no one else around. There were fishing boats, but no one else was sailing or enjoying the ocean. It’s a cold place.”The cold was a massive challenge, with water temperatures ranging between 12 and 16 degrees. “The pace that you’re going at is effectively a three out of 10 pace, with 10 being a full out sprint,” Kirkwood explained. “You don’t really generate enough body heat to keep yourself warm for a long time. If you go any and faster than that, you’re not going to manage to swim for six hours a day. You’ve got to eat a huge amount of calories, just to keep warm and to fuel yourself. Energy bars and gels just don’t do it.”Hot cooked meals“We were eating hot cooked meals, given to us in the water, like stews and pastas, and we used to add in big blobs of butter just to get the calories up, every hour to hour-and-a-half, a full-on meal,” Kirkwood said.Despite the huge intake of food, the cold always won out in the end, and despite the protection of two wetsuits the two men would be shaking and shivering after an hour-and-a-half to two hours in the water.The timing of matters was also important, Kirkwood said. “You’ve got to nail it because your tide is three hours. You’ve got to get as far as you can on the tide and then get out. If you miss your windows, you potentially lose a day of swimming. You’ve just got to try and hammer it while you can.”TidesLaughing, Kirkwood added: “One evening with Sean, we swam from the mouth of the Dublin harbour up north to the Eye of Ireland, opposite the port city of Howth and that evening it was blowing. The waves were quite big, it was dark, and Sean was so happy, saying to me, ‘Now you can see what it is like’.“It was pretty insane. Swimming there we couldn’t see the yacht because we would be in the bottom of a swell and the yacht that was following us would be on the other side.”The cold, though, was not the worst thing. “The biggest problem was jellyfish. We smeared thick vaseline on our faces and wore gloves and booties, but the jellyfish still get you in the face because at night time when you’re swimming you can’t see them very well. You see a shadow coming and then there’s another one. During the night, the jellyfish would come off the bottom. In the day time some areas were bad, but not as bad as the evenings.”‘Such an adventure’Kirkwood, though, has been left with a memory that will last a lifetime. “It was such an adventure. It was so exhilarating to be part of this thing. It wasn’t scary. It was more fun. It was great.”last_img read more

Smart Vegas, Baby! Las Vegas and Ingenu kick off smart innovation districtSmart Vegas, Baby! Las Vegas and Ingenu kick off smart innovation district

first_imgSurveillance at the Heart of Smart Cities How IoT Will Play an Important Role in Traffic … Tags:#acyclica#CES2017#Hackathon#Ingenu#RPMA#Smart Cities#smart city hackathon#smart lighting#Smart traffic Related Posts Cate Lawrencecenter_img For Self-Driving Systems, Infrastructure and In… How Connected Communities Can Bolster Your Busi… This week at CES, Ingenu announced that the City of Las Vegas is leveraging its dedicated IoT network for the Las Vegas Innovation District to collect data from various smart city applications, like parking, air quality, and pedestrian traffic.The district spans the area adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip and will serve as a test bed for new IoT innovations that will be deployed across the city’s vast metropolitan area. As a region which serves over 40 million visitors per year, the City of Las Vegas will utilize the data collected from devices on Ingenu’s Machine Network to drive operational efficiencies, expand city services and enhance city resources.The city will initially launch an environmental monitoring application and will continue with deployments of other smart city applications.See also: 3 benefits a smart city can gain from smart infrastructureI spoke to City of Las Vegas managers, Michael Sherwood, Information Technologies Director and Don Jacobson, Enterprise Project Manager and Kirsten Garvin, Senior Marketing Manager at Ingenu to learn more. Sherwood explained that the Innovation District is really in its infancy, being only established in February 2016. They were focused on a series of central themes including increasing the safety of visitors and residents alike and “How can we be better stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars. How can we be more transparent in that approach and how can we invigorate the community to be part of that partnership. IoT is providing us with data analytics that gives us information not just for the city but for everybody to join in making the city a better place.”He explained: “Right now we have a small Wi-Fi network that we looked at building out internally. It’s kind of what led us to the partnership with Ingenu as those are expensive systems to build and maintain.  We really looked at how other cities were handling that and we realized that they’re building a huge infrastructure that’s going to be extremely non-flexible and the ability to upgrade it or modify it over time might be might be problematic. And so that’s really where we started looking at how can we partner with private enterprise to build additional layers to our networks.”Jacobsen noted the importance of data acquisition to the city:“One of our goals is having all the information interoperable and available to everybody who needs it. And then the next thing is a decision support system that takes advantage of all of this. That would overlay to connect all this real-time information and predictive analytics that we want to do. Adjacent to that is enhancing our city planning tools across the City offices so that we’re able to provide what people have always enjoyed when they visit or live in Las Vegas.”Considered city planningIt’s fair to say that Las Vegas is not intent on offering highly experimental, high-risk smart city strategies. “We want solutions to roll out quickly rather than wait for a three-year roll out,” Sherwood says. Thus, their focus is on familiar concepts like smart traffic, public safety, public services and tourist amenities, public transportation and preparation for autonomous transport. There’s a refreshing lack of ego in that they’ve made thoughtful consideration of cities before them and forged relationships with the Smart cities of Glasgow, Austin, and San Jose.As Sherwood notes: “We’re looking at how do we make downtown safer. We have a lot of intersections and a high density of pedestrians. How can we use IoT sensors to count foot traffic and know what the actual amount of traffic is in an area that will help us make better decisions inIn traffic safety and traffic monitoring.”The City of Las Vegas is also partnering with Acyclica, to install a traffic-monitoring system that uses technology to help determine how well vehicles are moving (or not) and monitors the state of traffic signals – all in real time. The sensors will be installed at each of the region’s 2,300 intersections and across the region’s multi-jurisdiction corridors to provide the city and drivers a more holistic perspective on the region’s traffic.The sensors will be used by the city to monitor and control traffic movement from their traffic control center. There, engineers can change traffic-signal timing, check various streets and intersections and analyze trends in real-time.In addition, any driver in Las Vegas will soon be able to have access to a new type of smart city technology that allows traffic lights to communicate with their cars so they can know when the light is going to turn green.Equally important, autonomous cars will also have access to real-time traffic light data so they know when to stop or slow down.  As you approach a traffic light anywhere in the Las Vegas area, your car will be able to show you the status of the light.  The system can also tell cars and drivers the optimum speed along a stretch of road to ensure that they can proceed through the maximum number of green lights.One of the advantages of smart city initiatives is that the City is able to extrapolate meaningful data about how citizens and visits engage with the urban environment. Open data is an underlying principle of the City of Las Vegas, they’re even providing over 1 million lines of data on energy usage and street lighting data to the Smart Cities Hackathon at CES, hosted by ReadWrite.Ingenu provides the connectivityUnderpinning the work of the City of LasVegas is their partnership with Ingenu. Ingenu is a wireless connectivity provider dedicated exclusively to machine connectivity. Ingenu will provide IoT connectivity for the City of Las Vegas, to enable various smart city applications through their Random Phase Multiple Access (RPMA) technology.  RPMA is a full-featured two-way data link for low-power, wide area applications. It differs to Sigfox and LoRaWAN in a number of ways, for example, as Garvin explains:“We are on the 2.4, literally anywhere in the world. We have the ability to navigate through the noise….We’re in over 30 markets right now, going to be in 100 by the end of 2017. One thing that enables us to do so is that we have very low infrastructure costs because our access points are able to transmit quite long distances so we don’t have to puts much infrastructure in as sigfox and LoRa”The RPMA Solution has proven ROI with cities worldwide particularly because “we can utilize any device that is made throughout the world its great for everyone in the ecosystem as they can sell the same street light monitoring sensor in Las Vegas as they would in Dubai. So they don’t have to have a lot of certifications done as they would if they had cellular or other technology.”Ingenu’s nationwide Machine Network build-out is now underway across the United States and is targeted to serve over 100 major metropolitan areas by the end of 2017. The Machine Network currently provides more than 100,000 square miles of wireless coverage for a host of IoT applications.It’ll be great to see what smart city applications Las Vegas rolls out in time for next year’s CES.last_img read more

a month agoMan City boss Guardiola: We must keep heat on Liverpoola month agoMan City boss Guardiola: We must keep heat on Liverpool

first_imgMan City boss Guardiola: We must keep heat on Liverpoolby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester City boss Pep Guardiola has told Liverpool they’ll keep up the pressure as they target a third successive Premier league title.City earned a hard-fought 3-1 win away to Everton after league leaders Liverpool beat Sheffield United to keep up their 100% record.”We knew Liverpool won again and the gap was eight points, so big,” the City boss said.”So we won three points and it’s five in September, with a lot of points to play for.”We know which team we’re playing [in the title race] right now, they are seven victories in a row, champions of Europe and playing good football. “This is our rival and we know we can’t drop too many points because last season they lost just one game.”The season is long, we have to keep going and be there, maybe we can push them a little bit more and try to make the third Premier League in a row.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

25 days agoSheffield Utd boss Wilder tells Henderson: You must improve25 days agoSheffield Utd boss Wilder tells Henderson: You must improve

first_imgSheffield Utd boss Wilder tells Henderson: You must improveby Paul Vegas25 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveSheffield United boss Chris Wilder has told Dean Henderson to cut out the mistakes if he wants to be an England star.The Blades goalkeeper was left distraught when his second-half blunder at Bramall Lane on Saturday gifted all three points to Liverpool.Wilder said: “He has the raw qualities. As you have seen here, he makes big saves, but he has to learn from experience and he has to grow.”This is a big season for him individually. It is up to him how he develops. He has got first-class coaching from our point of view.”He has got team-mates that think a lot about him and as a manager, I do as well. He is an outstanding young goalkeeper but a lot will be down to how he takes it on to the next level.”He has proved himself at every level. He has come back from mistakes. He made a huge one last year against Leeds and came back and contributed and he made a couple in a high profile Championship game against Aston Villa and came back.”So that is the reaction, but from my point of view I don’t want him to make mistakes and he can’t afford to make mistakes to drag himself out of a hole.”First and foremost, he has to cut that out, because as with all the top goalkeepers that play, mistakes are very few and far between.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Yearly Volumes Surge at King Abdullah PortYearly Volumes Surge at King Abdullah Port

first_imgzoomIllustration. Image Courtesy: Pixabay under CC0 Creative Commons license King Abdullah Port concluded 2018 with an increase of 36% in its annual throughput, which reached 2.3 million TEUs by the end of the year.The annual increase in throughput was primarily achieved in conjunction with an 8% increase in imports and exports compared to 2017, the port management said.The results achieved by King Abdullah Port in 2018 include an increase in transshipment volume reaching 1.8 million TEUs, which is a 44% increase compared to 2017. Meanwhile, the number of vessels received by the port increased to 911 vessels, a 12% increase compared to 820 vessels in 2017.“We achieved a record 50% increase in container handling in the first half of 2018, and we are moving forward with our development plans to provide best practices in the fields of port development and operation as well as supporting logistical services,” Rayan Qutub, King Abdullah Port CEO, said.Since its inception in the last quarter of 2013 the number of containers handled by the port has reached 7.2 million TEUs.Owned by the Ports Development Company, King Abdullah Port was officially inaugurated on February 11, 2019, by Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.During the ceremony, the port, which is the region’s first port to be fully owned, developed, and operated by the private sector, unveiled a number of agreements signed with several undisclosed parties.last_img read more

Too soon Why stores are already rolling out holiday decorToo soon Why stores are already rolling out holiday decor

first_imgIt seems to happen earlier and earlier every year.It’s still technically summer, but places like Costco and Dollarama have already rolled out holiday decor.While many on social media are expressing their horror, the stores have a strategy.Lynne Ricker, Instructor at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business, said stores wouldn’t be doing it if there wasn’t a market for garland and Christmas trees in September.“People do start thinking about it and many people do start their Christmas shopping long before the last minute, last week before Christmas, sort of December rush,” she said.“Retailers have to create an in store experience. They have to have something in there that’s going to look different and exciting and that’s one of the things that they try to do.”Ricker said stores want to get your attention before the competition does.“One of the things that retailers have to think about is having that in store experience and think about pre-empting online buying,” she said.And, she added even tweets complaining about all the red and green could be considered good publicity.last_img read more