Circular on printing and distributing the speech of mayor Liu Tianhai at the meeting of lawyers in t

District and County Bureau, the law firms: in April 28th, the City Council held a working meeting of the city’s lawyers, deputy mayor Liu Tianhai made an important speech on the work of lawyers made specific requirements and guidance. The speech of vice mayor Liu Tianhai is hereby printed and distributed to you, please implement it carefully, and the implementation of the situation and the times Bureau attorney notary management office.   two, May 3rd
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  lawyer leading speech notice; report: Provincial Justice Department lawyers association, the Party Organization Department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal committee.  : send: Municipal Supervision Room, the municipal government information office.   Xining Municipal Bureau of justice in May 3, 2012 issued a total of 40 copies
in the city’s lawyers work conference speech   municipal government deputy mayor Liu Tianhai (April 28, 2012)   Comrades: the main task of this conference is the lawyer learning to convey the province’s lawyers work conference, in recognition of the city’s outstanding law firm, excellent lawyer and excellent administrative law, summary of the city’s achievements, arrangements for the next phase of the work of lawyers. In recent years, our city lawyers work around the party and government work, service, integrity as the theme, to regulate the development of the main line, and actively expand the field of legal services, and constantly improve the quality of legal services, give full play to the functions of lawyers in economic and social development in the service industry, and achieved remarkable results. The lawyer has reached 176, a total of 16 law firms, lawyers continue to enhance the overall quality, the important role of lawyers work in service of the city’s economic and social development in the majority of lawyers to further highlight; by providing quality and efficient legal services to promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development; actively participate in politics, to reflect the demands of society to further promote the construction of democratic politics. In addition, the majority of lawyers are also actively involved in earthquake relief, poverty alleviation and other social welfare undertakings, showing a strong sense of social responsibility and lofty dedication. Here, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, I would like to express my highest respect and heartfelt thanks to the city’s practicing lawyers! Warm congratulations to the outstanding law firms, outstanding lawyers and outstanding executive! Just now, Comrade Yan towards conscientiously sum up the work of lawyers in recent years the city’s achievements, analyzes the situation and problems of the work of lawyers in a period of the deployment, I totally agree, I hope Comrades combined with the actual implementation. Below, I will do a better job in the city’s lawyers, to talk about a few views.
1, around the party and the government’s central work, adhere to the correct political direction at present, our city is in a critical period of economic and social development, accelerate economic development and security;

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