6006 people in the province to participate in the first half of this year higher education self stud

2016 in the first half of the national higher education self-study exam will be held on April 16th to 17 in the 10 test 16 test sites, a total of 580 teachers and staff to participate in the examination, inspection and management of invigilation. The self-study examination for 6006 people, the number of times, the number of candidates increased by 412 over last year, an increase of about 7%, an increase of about 13987.

exam, examination management center and local recruitment office around the examination objectives and focus on strengthening the supervision and inspection, pay close attention to the security and confidentiality of the implementation of the system, and actively carry out combat cheating equipment sales, purify the network environment involving test "," purification test environment, cheating, thorough investigation of the crackdown and other high-tech means using mobile phone take the test and the gang cheating behavior "and to promote the" criminal law amendment (nine) "," national education examination violations approach "as the focus of the legal education of special action, take measures to comprehensive management of the exam environment, ensure safe, smooth and orderly conduct.


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