Let us move Guoxun primary flexor

these days, the West Sea Metropolis Daily reported that recently, the city of Xining City Bridge Street Primary School Grade two students Qu Guoxun, picked up $8900 in cash on the way to school. In the face of great temptation, he gave the money to the school. After the teacher and the police to find, finally found the owner.
"I picked up a penny in the street and gave it to the policeman……" When many of us since childhood singing this nursery rhyme, that pick up things to return. For thousands of years, it is a traditional virtue, is in imperceptible in succession. It should be said, because of the role and influence of education, most of us have always regarded as Shijinbumei traditional virtues rather than legal obligation to treat, as the most basic to comply with public morality. But in recent years, due to some unscrupulous people values distorted, picked up the property not only returned to the owner, and even the court events have also occurred. But, in real life, we also found that "a penny" spirit and we are drifting away, although many people have the spirit of Lei Feng hanging in the mouth, but when faced with real money, how many people can keep calm, like the students like Guoxun flexion without any distractions to its origin owner? Over the years, Qinghai has emerged on the earth a lot of moral models, in them, the focus of the outstanding quality of the people of Qinghai. Today, Qu Guoxun and students with practical action Shijinbumei, add new contents to the quality. Qu Guoxun is not only an example of primary school students, but also an example for each of us adults. At present, the whole province is the construction of "new Qinghai, creating a new life, hope to emerge a lot of flexor Guoxun with their noble feelings, and inspire us forward. (author: left or right)


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