Cool Xining farmhouse tea hot

flowers, string, ditty, Qinghai Laoba disc, when these highly regional characteristics in Qinghai things together, can bring people joy and relaxed, the annual summer season, Qinghai renlang farmhouse tea become leisure.

Qinghai farmhouse garden from the beginning to the close to nature, feel comfortable quickly popular, family reunion, friends, help the aged and the young farmhouse has become a wave of tea consumption trend. Summer temperatures rise, the city’s major tea plantation business is booming, there are some unique farmhouse tea garden is a hard to find, you need to book in advance can be. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the north area of the city of a farmhouse in tea garden, from indoor to outdoor rooms of the arbor are filled with customers, tea Houchu busy, not a moment to stop. The person in charge of this tea garden, told reporters that the business is very good every summer, especially when the holidays, this time need to deploy more manpower, increase the amount of purchase to meet the needs of customers. The official also said that more and more people do business farmhouse tea in recent years, the competitiveness is increasing year by year, they also regularly in order to attract tourists, some new dishes and renovated, perfect facilities in tea garden. "With the whole family, old and young to sit, farmhouse tea appreciation of flowers, playing mahjong, and family chat, play a very good day happy!" One customer said. (author: Liu Dan)

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