Plateau civilized style community attorney mediation petition

"thanks to the prosecutor, I have to pay the damages to the court." In Xining City Road, the office of the streets of the Park Lane Community civil administrative procuratorial work contact point, an old man because of losing, excitedly came to the West District People’s Procuratorate community convenience contact point complaint. Through conversation, prosecutors understand the circumstances of the case, and patiently explained why the case cannot protest, old people gradually calm the mood, also understand oneself in compensation for the damage, therefore occurs at the beginning of the scene. This setting in the people in front of the civil administrative procuratorial work contact point and the point of contact, to help people solve legal problems at the same time, can let more people know that, in addition to the trial, the petition, the people’s mediation and other channels, but also through the civil administrative procuratorial system to solve the problem.

initially, the civil administrative procuratorial department staff regularly each month to the community to promote relevant laws and regulations to answer the question of the masses. But before long, the community a prosecutor of the news spread like wildfire, more and more people devoted to the civil administrative procuratorial work contact point consulting related issues of community. Gradually, Xining City West District People’s Procuratorate prosecutors felt every month to the community was too short, so that the community point of contact staff of the civil administrative procuratorial legal knowledge training propaganda became the procuratorial work of the "new position", to participate in the training of the staff naturally became the community’s obligations propagandist. As a result, the timing of the fixed point of civil administrative procuratorial publicity and consultation has become a service anytime, anywhere. Now, this approach has been extended to all parts of the province.

contact point set up so far, has received a lot of residents, community residents to consult an endless stream of questions is also a variety of questions. Prosecutors put here as a close contact with the masses, to resolve social conflicts with the "humanization window, a smile, a cup of tea, a greeting, a chair of the reception, enthusiasm for the masses.

in addition, Xining City West District People’s Procuratorate in the process of handling juvenile cases, established leniency related system of criminal judicial policy, some prosecutors also served as the 6 area college vice president of legal. Whether it is the innovation of the criminal procuratorial work process, or the innovation of the civil administrative procuratorial work, it shows that the people’s Procuratorate of the West District of Xining has changed the concept of law enforcement, and the soft power of supervision and service".


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