Railway Station surrounding the road 25

December 18th, the reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment of a brigade, the three round of the Xining Railway Station around the two vertical ring road network will be fully accessible in December 25th. Ring road network construction of Xining Railway Station, including the Republic of northbound extension, diligent Lane North Extension, Riverside Road, Qilian Road, Xiping Road Underpass mutual channel high-speed road crossing construction. At present, Station Lane, Station Lane, highway south road and other projects have been completed. In order to ensure the smooth opening of the vehicle after the opening of the Xining Railway Station surrounding roads, from the beginning of December 17th, the city traffic police detachment of a brigade has sent 10 police officers on the road around the Xining Railway Station on duty.
four measures to ensure smooth traffic through a
– move: actively communicate with the traffic police detachment Bureau, signs, road markings, signs of Xining Railway Station surrounding, advance planning, design, installation.
– two initiatives: to solve the problem of signal lamp. Due to the construction of the road can not be in the winter, the signal can not be installed, the traffic police department through the station to do the procurement of 9 mobile signal lights, respectively, these 9 mobile signal lights at an important crossroads, t-junction.
– Three: miscellaneous vehicles on the recent measures to clean up the Xining train station, on the surrounding roads through Mopai, to lay a good foundation for the surrounding roads across the board in December 25th.
– four initiatives: to ensure the smooth opening of Xining Railway Station road around December 25th, after the traffic police department will conduct a rehearsal, prevent road in opening, traffic chaos.

the previously mentioned road barrier, the public Zhang complained: "several roads were blocked, frequent traffic jams, especially commuting time, 40;

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