Xining city this year to determine the professional services for teachers of happiness

February 26th, Xining spring school work conference held. In view of the problem of teachers’ job burnout, the Xining Municipal Bureau of education has determined that the year of 2010 is the year of teacher professional happiness". Pay attention to the training of teachers’ sense of professional happiness, avoid teachers’ job burnout, and create conditions for sustainable development.

The quality of

personnel training depends on the quality of education and teaching, and the key to improve the quality of education and teaching lies in the ranks of teachers. Strengthening the training of teachers and building high-quality professional teachers have become the main task of the construction of teaching staff. Facing the new social conditions, many teachers have such as social affiliation, occupation cognition, education method, personal experience re positioning, and accompanied by the growth of the working age and occupation have different degrees of boredom, and in dealing with the contradictions between teachers and students, teaching contradictions, also there is a gap between poor, lax academic learning love, love is weak, enterprising degradation, poor cooperation, "teaching" and "education", occupation burnout has become a big obstacle to promote education and improve the quality of teaching.

to improve the teaching and learning environment and conditions, the school should create a democratic, harmonious, teacher oriented management atmosphere. Through the organization activities to guide teachers to recognize the value and honor of the occupation, for teachers to do practical things, do good things, for teachers to learn, teaching and research, to provide the necessary conditions for lectures, concerned about the work and life of teachers. The teachers’ management and assessment should be humanized and the educational object or service object should be fully taken into consideration. Teachers to get out of school, into the social reform and development, integration of students and parents, only the teacher "happy to teach", there are students "happy to learn".


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