Social science popularization week in 2012

September 16th morning, Xining Central Plaza, luoguxuantian flags fluttering. Organized by the Federation of Social Sciences, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, provincial, provincial organs, provincial Party school, provincial universities, the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of association of research jointly hosted the 2012 Qinghai Province Social Science Popularization week officially launched.

at the launching ceremony, the provincial Party committee propaganda department leaders pointed out that the popularity of Social Science Week activities is the province’s social science theory community to the public, the results show that the spread of popular knowledge of social practice. To better serve the overall situation, philosophy and social science society is our sacred duty entrusted by history, we should put the prosperity and development of philosophy and social science as realistic feelings and ideals, vigorously promote the popularization of philosophy and social science, philosophy and Social Sciences let out of the office, to the grassroots, into the public, continue to cultivate people’s scientific ideas and methods and the spirit of science, improve the whole society overall scientific quality, actively promote the wisdom and strength of the "two new" and "three zone" strategic contribution. I hope to participate in the activities of various departments and units, elaborate organization, vertical linkage, joint office, and the masses consciously use popular language, seriously promote the scientific theory, actively to dispel misunderstanding, information transmission and popularization of knowledge work, and strive to achieve than the next session more features and more effect, more effective.

it is reported that the theme of this event is to build a new Qinghai, create a new life, by the launching ceremony, popular science and technology in rural areas, Kunlun forum and science into the community of four plates.

on the day of the launch ceremony, but also commended the 2011 social science popularization week advanced collective and advanced individuals. (author: Hao Wei)

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