The public security organs to carry out three facility security protection campaign

May 17th is world telecommunication and information security, in order to further increase the electric power, telecommunications, radio and television facilities safety propaganda work, enhance people’s awareness of protecting the country "three" facilities, the lead organization in the provincial public security department, the province public security, electricity, telecommunications, radio and television departments on the same day in the south of Xining the town square to carry out the "three" facilities security protection advocacy activities.

the campaign to "protect" EIC "facilities, maintenance of public security" as the theme, through the establishment of dispatched propaganda vehicles, publicity boards, hanging banners and other promotional materials distributed by the masses, to create atmosphere, to achieve the social from all walks of life to the three facility security work understanding, support, educate the masses consciously resist related criminal activities, and constantly improve the awareness of prevention and protection, mobilize the masses to actively participate in the "three" facilities security protection to actively report illegal crime clues, to guide and promote the "three" facilities security protection development.

it is understood that in May of this year is to carry out the "three" facilities security protection publicity focused on the month, the relevant departments in the propaganda during the month, make full use of the media, public places and publicity, through broadcast news, broadcast public service ads, set up publicity column posted, publicity pictures and other forms of advocacy work, will be through the "Five" activities, regularly into the rural areas, communities, enterprises, into schools, into the family of publicity, focus on strengthening the publicity and education of minors and employees.


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