Relocation center on the first day of operation

At 0:00 on November 16th, along with the smooth start of the relocation of the Sea Lake Road wholesale market, many people have spent a sleepless night. Day morning, mayor Wang Yubo and vice mayor Zhang Qian condolences, fighting in the front line of the Sea Lake Road, the relocation of the wholesale market and the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center operations staff, thank you for a night of hard work, sincere greetings and sent to the municipal government.

is located in the north area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center currently has more than 500 merchants stationed in the center, busy and orderly operation, merchants settled without joy, excitement. Wang Yubo and stationed merchants serious conversation, detailed inquiry into the situation and vegetables, meat, eggs wholesale and price situation. He pointed out that the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center of agricultural and sideline products trading center is the largest center of Tibetan Plateau, complete functions, advanced facilities, human services, the hardware and software protection, the market will become more and more prosperous, the merchant business will be getting better and better. Wang Yubo asked the city agriculture company and entered the market of industry and commerce, public security departments, with the modern concept and modern enterprise management, scientific management, fine service, the center into a Western class, influential agricultural and sideline products trading center, the security of supply, price stability control, improve the livelihood of the people to play a greater role.  

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