The tiger Taiwan two lane potholes flat

Tiger two lane road has been severely damaged, to bring a lot of inconvenience to the surrounding residents to travel on rainy days. In order to solve this problem, the day before the implementation of the west area of tiger Taiwan two lane road reconstruction project. May 3rd, the reporter saw the transformation of the road black and bright, very flat, the masses praised the streets clean, convenient travel.

tiger Taiwan is one of the two lane traffic thoroughfare connecting 54 West Road and West Main Street, in this region, population density is bigger, the surrounding schools, enterprises, organs and distribution, traffic surge, pavement damage is more serious, there is the phenomenon of water wet pavement, people travel more inconvenient. This year, the west district government will tiger Taiwan two lane road reconstruction project as one of the small area of urban construction projects, enhance the work quality of the city in the way to fine idea, the rainy season travel inconvenience to solve the problem of the road has brought to people working in this area. District Urban Construction Bureau in advance to prepare, in the rainy season before the start of the implementation of the transformation project. Taking into account the road subgrade intact, in order to avoid waste of funds and redundant construction, the transformation of the road only to be planed milling, repair of damaged sidewalks, construction area of 2400 square meters. At present, two lane road reconstruction project has been fully completed and opened to traffic. (author: Xiao Yan)


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