Xining key project Beichuan river area will become a public garden

has settled in the field of Xining Tao Haiying back home every time, they have to drive along the Beichuan river run a circle. Often see the construction site of the Beichuan River comprehensive management of construction projects in full swing, a shock, a look on the heart!

(core) Beichuan River comprehensive management project estimates a total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan, the planning control area east of Dongshan, Tianjun South Road, Wan Village nine and Wei village at the junction of West Ning Zhang Gonglu (Current State Road 227), north to the Kang bridge, planning area of about 9.32 square kilometers.

in the Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management of the project plan, the beautiful Beichuan River meandering from the Kang bridge into the core area, after settling basin and a series of natural purification, clear into the urban area of Xining. In the core area of the river is about 6 km, the planning and design of Wetland Park, country experience area, residential area, leisure area, characteristics of the business district, tourist resort row upon row of. This is accompanied by the Qinghai river is undergoing tremendous changes.

June 3rd, the Beichuan River (core) comprehensive treatment project construction site, a number of large machinery is working in an orderly manner, construction workers busy transporting seedlings, digging, planting trees. According to reports, from the Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management project started in November 2013, has completed 5.6 kilometers of new flood drainage, sewage pipe works, new inspection wells 165, the new interception mouth 79, upper reaches of the river and both sides of Menyuan bridge green construction, green planting project has been completed, the other is in the construction of.

Beichuan river sediment, after completion of the project, will purify the river through natural precipitation, precipitation and biological organisms, and ultimately achieve the clear green, very high visibility effect. The implementation of Huangshui River Basin (Xining section) "the overall goal of clear water, smooth, shore green, beautiful".

according to the requirements of our province as soon as possible, but also the people a clear mother river, Xining city put forward "governance strategy, water for Zheng Ning" ideas, the implementation of the "decision of water into the city" project, realize the Huangshui River (Xining section) "the whole body target clear water, smooth, shore green and beautiful scene the new pattern of ecological environment, the formation of hydrophilic, near the green, pleasant, to the Beichuan River region into a" plateau Shuicheng, summer garden, cultural corridor".

Water into the city "project

Beichuan River comprehensive management project is Xining" punchline. Currently, all kinds of facilities in the central city of Xining saturation, lack of space to improve. At the same time, in the north of the city, the Biotechnology Park, equipment manufacturing park, University Science and technology park is relatively concentrated, each area theme, although the degree of specialization, but more comprehensive service ability are insufficient, where only the distribution of some small restaurants, small shops, people can only meet the demand of the single simple shopping and eating. North of the city is an urgent need to build a new vitality center to integrate the various functional plates, enhance the overall image of the area. The Beichuan river area in the north of the city is relatively appropriate location, and convenient transportation, has become a dynamic center of the advantages and conditions. Through the implementation of the comprehensive treatment project of Beichuan River (core section);

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