The first batch of 520 million yuan of circular economy development fund

newly established circular economy development fund, for the province’s circular economy and the development of characteristic industries play a significant role in promoting. Recently, the province launched the first batch of circular economy development fund 520 million yuan, focusing on supporting the Qaidam circular economy industry promotion center, such as the development of circular economy of major projects of the 5.

in response to the downtown pressure on the economy to expand effective investment, in accordance with the deployment of our province, the provincial development and Reform Commission focus on investment and financing system reform, efforts through channels, dig the potential, increase vitality, and actively protect the funds for the construction of major projects, effectively promote economic and social development. Especially around the supply side to promote structural reforms in August 2016, according to the market mode to complete the establishment of Qinghai province circular economy development fund, continue to optimize the arrangement of government investment, give full play to the guiding role of government funds and amplification effect, and actively create a "government + society" and "investment + financing" good pattern.

It is reported that

, the development of circular economy fund first raised the scale of 8 billion yuan, the development of circular economy after the establishment of the fund, mainly to carry out the province’s major infrastructure and public services, investment and financing of poverty, poverty alleviation and environmental protection, tourism culture, new urbanization, circular economy and the development of special industries, new energy and new materials new technology etc..

Fund the development of circular economy

the first launch, will focus on supporting the industry promotion center, the Qaidam circular economy Qaidam Green Industrial Park business base, water supply pipe network engineering, Delingha Industrial Park industrial area of Qaidam comprehensive green industrial park district two sewage treatment plant construction projects such as the 5 major projects in the Qaidam circular economy pilot area. The first batch of funds on the floor, marking the development fund of circular economy province launched a "new model of government financing the construction of equity investment + government purchase service", for the province to promote the innovation of investment and financing system reform, the use of market-oriented means to solve the problem of financing, which is important to support the construction of key areas.


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