Xining in the central area of outdoor electronic screen restrictions

with the increase of outdoor electronic display in Xining, some electronic display because of the volume is too large, open and close time is not standardized, the night light is too strong and other issues, has repeatedly been complaints from residents. In order to control this kind of disturbing the outdoor electronic display, recently, the City District Environmental Protection Bureau Joint District Urban Management Bureau to carry out the outdoor electronic display of special rectification action, disturbing the outdoor electronic screen unit will be the responsibility of strict penalties.

it is understood that the District Environmental Protection Bureau to strengthen the daily management of outdoor electronic display, and with the urban management department, supervision of the outdoor electronic screen setting unit of the installation of intelligent sensor; responsible unit at 7:30 before may open the outdoor electronic display, outdoor electronic display must be closed after 22; all the installation of outdoor electronic display imaging equipment must be mute play. In the future, the relevant departments will regularly carry out inspections of various types of outdoor electronic display, and resolutely put an end to all kinds of outdoor electronic display disturbing phenomenon. (author: Rong Lijun)

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