On the selection of the most beautiful civil candidate publicity

they are from the city’s most grass-roots 12 civil servants, they use the most warmth of the story, the most simple feelings, the most selfless interpretation of the interpretation of the most beautiful meaning.

for the in-depth study and publicize the service level and advanced models, the service of the masses at the beginning of this year, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in the city civil affairs system of grassroots civil workers, carefully selected 12 outstanding contributions in the work of the representative.

they have a home-based care services center station, happy child welfare workers, who have engaged in cremation, cosmetic makeup at the funeral home cremation workshop funeral cosmetic division…… Their hardships and happiness in the ordinary post all make people moved.

in recent years, our city civil affairs work in full swing, from pension recipients to improve the treatment of continuous improvement of the social assistance system, from the construction of infrastructure projects to create quickly advancing support model city…… All this reflects the municipal Party committee and municipal government attaches great importance to the work of civil affairs and the majority of civil servants pay hard.

this session of the most beautiful people in the selection, it is combined with the party’s mass line educational practice as an opportunity to actively find around the role model, so that the real people around to move more people.

recently, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of the 12 most beautiful civil affairs candidate focused publicity.

– when the deceased relatives of a good funeral

Application of


civil small file:

unit: Xining funeral home

date of birth: February 18, 1962

to participate in work time February 1980

resume: February 1980 -1991, Xining brewery


1991 January, Xining funeral home

, 49 year old Shi Zhenglu engaged in cremation, cosmetic makeup work in Xining City funeral home cremation workshop. Twenty years, such as one day, in the ordinary work on the extraordinary performance, by the majority of households and the masses alike.

has just entered the funeral industry, the application of Zhenglu, whenever I see, the cry of mourning is heartbroken, he also moved the truth, my colleagues do not understand said: "this is not your family, what are you crying? Shi Zhenglu said: "I think they are like my family, they are my family!" The funeral is when the deceased friends and relatives when Zhenglu, Shi said, but also to do so. In August 2004, an old man died at home, the children working in the field, no one to take care of the body, the number of days after the death, decay, dead water overflow to the door was the neighbor discovery, it will pick up the rotting corpse to the funeral home, his family said the old man loves clean, please give Zhenglu Shi old wash take a bath, change clothes, in the face of the body soft tissue decay, MI, exudes a different smell of the body, Shi Zhenglu agreed without hesitation. He bent down, carefully cleaned again and again for the elderly;

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