New year to go to the grassroots level to see the facts here is a lively new year

Li Hanmin 94 years old this year, live in the elderly welfare center. Thirty-one early in the morning, the center of the small blackboard to write a dinner notice, he and the center of the other more than seventy old people do not mention how happy heart. Li Hanmin said: "here is the lunar new year at home can not ah, here we busy, the old lady laughed, each is a companion."

old people are voluntary, at their own expense to come here to support the elderly, there is someone to take care of, and secondly, will not feel lonely.

the old people did not think of how, the provincial Civil Affairs Department deputy director Wang Changming and the office of the Comrades also specifically to do with his companion.

these old comrades have made contributions to the reform and development of Qinghai, we should give you more care and care." Wang Changming said. That Li Hanmin is 94 years old, Wang Changming shook his hand and said: "you must maintain good health, we should see you to 100."

dishes are done in the welfare center kitchen, are home cooked food, taste good. For this meal, welfare center staff did not spend less. The 89 year old Zhu Yongzhao was offered to the spirits, a Peking Opera "heroes". Make us be startled at is, in front of the old man sings when power is not reduced, cadence between full flavor. "Okay, okay……" Applause and cheers. At the end of the song, some Zhu Yongzhao said proudly: "now, I used to sing opera that is winning."

and Zhu Yongzhao, a table of the old man also love to engage in a number of literary activities, 85 years old, she and the old sisters who made the dance "Two Butterflies" "Ode to the motherland", they call themselves "fashionable old lady". Liu’s wife and children are not around, she said a person at home for the Spring Festival, a strong sense of loss, so happy here. New year, her wish is very simple: the physical exercise is good, look at the development of Qinghai, look at the dedication of a lifetime.


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