Practice the mass line in deepening reform

Xining City, the comprehensive deepening of reform as an important starting point to carry out educational practice, seize the key areas and key links to deepen the reform and solve the problems, the actual results let people bring the experience of reform, to promote the mass line of educational practice and deepen reform complement each other, complement each other.

docking mass appeal reform list list

combined with the actual development of Xining, put forward to the reform of the economic system as a guide, to strengthen the administrative management system, city construction management system, the integration of urban and rural social undertakings, to reform and improve the system of ecological civilization, the system of Party building, and other 7 major categories of 33 specific reform topics, itemized in research, clear the focus of reform.

issued the "Xining municipal government purchase service work program", through government procurement and other forms, will be part of the public services in the past the government give the conditions of the social organizations, enterprises and institutions to fulfill the government this year, the purchase of public services include basic public education, employment, social security, legal aid, sports culture, sanitation, public transport and other 11 categories of 15, on a pilot basis extended to 14 areas of 118 public service projects, provide better service for the masses.To deepen the administrative examination and approval to provide convenient services:

focus of social and livelihood in solving problems

vigorously carry out quality and enhance the ability of training, entrepreneurship training, and actively absorb the entrepreneurial entities settled business incubators, establish training base of 53 enterprises, retention rate of 48.64% after probation. New 3 business incubator base, the 3 entrepreneurial training base. Around the construction of social security system;

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