kedaya restaurant’s operating income

diversified development of the food and beverage industry in China makes more and more brands in the food and beverage market, the natural style of Japanese and Korean style restaurant brands are very popular with consumers. As a food and beverage investors in the choice of the purpose of joining you can choose the one hand on the one hand as the food and beverage brands, such as Ikeda Yari is very good.

ikedaya the brand founder of the joint catering industry quality resources to create fashion, warm day zero chilled material brand. Keep the local flavor in taste, and the products do a fresh supply assurance, ikedaya Japanese cuisine to advocate green consumption, nutrition, health, science and technology to go the road, to create a quiet and elegant classical Japanese cultural atmosphere in the dining environment on


how do you manage the Ikeda house restaurant? See the following details:

knew the ikedaya

romantic cherry tree under Japanese style

we are committed to a high degree of unity of food and dining environment, to create a quiet, relaxed and comfortable dining experience abroad. Culture and delicacy here sublimation, let our customers away.

ocean food ingredients 24h up to


at the cost of global integration of high-quality food ingredients, in cooperation with the International Ocean Group depth, the basic realization of the world food within 24 hours of arrival at the destination, Norway salmon, the Russian Arctic Bay, France and South Africa. The ultimate fresh and delicious, only for our brand to get more recognition.

professional team for your

we stand in the perspective of the franchisee to provide appropriate selection criteria for the franchisee, chain brand support, marketing support, service support, and regional protection policies, according to statistics, 90% of the franchisee to achieve profitability.

is of interest for the catering industry and their love, without any infectious disease, can choose the common development with the company ikedaya chain issues; joining policy are as follows:

Ikeda room join conditions

itself has a certain financial strength, store area of 100 square meters.

health, no infectious diseases, have a good professional ethics.


team consciousness, and the company is willing to "win together" concept.

brand usage fee

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