Food and drug sector surprise checks large food problems in the west gate rectification

Mid Autumn Festival is coming, the provincial government food and drug safety committee requirements in the province to carry out two food safety special rectification action. September 24th, the provincial food safety committee to carry out special rectification, the provincial capital of some restaurants, supermarkets, snack city, food processing plants and other raids. Reporters followed the inspectors to see the overall inspection in good condition, but the problem is still a lot of individual restaurants.

in a storage room, placed side by side with the freezer, the inspectors found that the freezer cooked and raw food stored separately according to the requirements. In addition to this problem, in the corner hanging Pidai caused by the inspection personnel, the snakeskin bag hanging on a rack, placed around the messy debris, the ground is full of black oil, one is full of red pepper oil barrels on the side of the bucket is simple with a plastic sheet part the plastic cloth dipped in Chili oil, snakeskin bag and a half basin has installed hot oil container, "what is this?" The inspectors asked, kitchen staff will take down the snakeskin bag, opened inside is black and red pepper. "You are using this method to extract the Chili oil?" The face of law enforcement officers asked, kitchen staff silence. Refining spicy oil to have specialized equipment, you are very unsanitary, can be closed for rectification." Inspectors said.

tableware cleaning in place

tableware cleaning room, two staff wearing gloves to wash dishes, rinse tank cleaning pool in washing dishes were placed with a little foam, and then placed on the shelf.

"you have disinfection facilities? Do the dishes on the shelf?"

"our dishes after washing, took the waiter."

"disinfection facilities, rooms in the hall?"

"that will cause two pollution."

"in accordance with normal procedures, tableware;

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