6 2 earthquake occurred in Yushu

according to the determination of seismic network in Qinghai on October 17th at 15:14, 6.2 earthquake occurred in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Zaduo County, the epicenter was located 32.8 degrees north latitude, 94.4 degrees east longitude, focal depth of 9 km, from Zaduo County 57 kilometers, 195 kilometers away from Yushu. Many counties have strong feelings, but no significant housing collapse.

after the earthquake, the first time the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng and Yushu committee responsible comrades call to understand the situation and requirements of the state of Yushu, Zaduo arrange personnel to troubleshoot the disaster immediately, to protect people’s lives and property safety. Provincial Seismological Bureau and other relevant units to strengthen the monitoring and early warning, analysis judged, timely advice. Governor Hao Peng asked the provincial authorities to strengthen measures to closely cooperate with the state of Yushu, miscellaneous counties do disaster prevention and mitigation and other related work. Currently, the local Party committee and government organizations have organized the investigation of the disaster, there is no report of casualties, the mood of the masses.


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