Food safety incidents occurred in Xining during the Spring Festival

the morning of February 20th, the Municipal Health Bureau informed the city during the Spring Festival holiday food safety inspection and statistics, during the festival the city without the occurrence of food safety incidents, but there is a serious health problem of the unit subject to administrative penalties.

in order to ensure food safety during the Spring Festival holiday, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau to arrange the catering market during the holiday inspections. During the seven day long holiday, the city dispatched a total of more than 150 health inspectors, inspection of various types of catering units 280 times. During the inspection of law enforcement personnel required to operate strictly in accordance with the catering units of food processing hygiene requirements, to prevent cross contamination of food, prohibited the use of non food substances and the abuse of food additives, strengthen the tableware disinfection work earnestly, ledger, certificate and work during the Spring Festival, the strict centralized dining registration review system, and in accordance with the requirements of good sample work.


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