Green red yellow color rendering public praise in Xining autumn more and more beautiful

"In the past, the streets of Xining, hillside plant less bleak autumn scenery. Xining is really beautiful autumn!" October 3rd, a family of three to Red Valley Leisure eco-tourism scenic play Ms. Chen told reporters. Xining autumn day Gao Yundan, two north-south mountain green on a thick and heavy in colours, rendering the color of red, yellow, the colorful picture let people taste the unique flavor of Xining belong to late autumn.

Xining fall short and precious. Reporters from the garden department, in order to let the autumn in Xining is beautiful, in recent years, the garden Department of plant configuration in parks, green space and the street, the selection of autumn leaves turn gold, from Tamarix, evergreen trees silhouetted against pine, spruce, achieve color clear effect.

at the same time, in order to allow the city to enjoy the autumn red leaves, the city spent 54 million yuan to build the Red Valley Leisure eco-tourism scenic spots have been opened. Red Valley Ecological leisure tourism scenic spot is a key project of the municipal government to determine, Nanshan green barrier is one of the landmark attractions, started construction in August 2009, is a comprehensive ecological scenic spot a leisure, entertainment, dining and accommodation as a whole.

Red Valley Ecological leisure tourism scenic spot greening rate of 70.6%, is worthy of the name of the plant red and yellow, red, from heaven, purple leaf plum, long branch and a number of red and yellow elm tree planting system, make the yanggouwan autumn show red and gold mutual landscape effect. At the same time ornamental red leaves, visitors can also enjoy the water. In flowers and trees, a man-made stream flowing along the valley to the 11 ladder falls all the way around and let the water jump, bring many bright and smart. Let’s go out and feel the beauty of autumn in Xining. (author: Xiao Yan)


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