Dessert franchise business details

Chinese dessert with foreign is better than alone, from the figure on the Chinese dessert, should be no country can match on.

China food desserts, variety of food law, pay attention to, in the world, I am afraid that it is one of the best. Foreigners get sweets, it is nothing but pudding or cream, egg like cakes, but have different characteristics in China every place, in addition to confectionery, and every kind of sweet soup. After the meal dessert generally refers to sweet snacks, sometimes with rich snacks such as cheese instead. Because in nineteenth Century before the western society of sugar is not universal, the use will be regarded as a symbol of nobility, so in the Western dessert is a certain status. Due to the widespread use of sugar, meanwhile the desserts become popular and develop diversified characteristics. In the numerous dessert shop to join the list, to distinguish between what is the best dessert shop to join, it is necessary to analyze from the comprehensive strength: 1, strength 2, join the dessert dessert dessert brand 3, unique innovation and technology.

dessert store earnings outlook

(also known as the "South sweet shop dessert shop") to provide the variety, are some sweet hot food is easy to make or frozen food, such as sugar bean, ormosia syrup, sesame paste, sago soup (DEW) etc..

to do the catering industry are very clear, dessert cost is very low, the price is to shop in a residential area should be lower, because of the need to repeat business, not too hard. Dessert stores list, in the business district shop can be raised prices for some shopping, because people are often willing to spend money to satisfy their appetites. Dessert gross margin remained difficult in 40%-50%, each bowl of sweet profit between 1-2 yuan. A 15 square meters of sweet shop, the monthly profit can reach 4500-7000 yuan.

dessert shop opening costs

chairs, bowl and spoon, kitchen utensils, raw materials, disinfection cupboard and prepaid expenses such as rental shop together, opened the cost estimation about 6000-8000 yuan. Dessert store list, limited funds can act as their own, or called parents, relatives help. Keep in mind that this equipment can not be saved, it should be placed in the most conspicuous place, because it is necessary for health work. Customers see Xiaoduwangui, can also have a sense of security. Purchase of a full set of equipment requires about 3000 yuan. In total costs, rent, kitchen appliances, spending accounted for the majority, and the raw materials used for desserts are beans, sugar and other agricultural and sideline products, low price, 1000 yuan can cope with dozens of days of consumption.

as long as the location of many people can. It is best to be located in the business district, near the big market, next to the cinema, and in the industrial area

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