Let the three three real strict air plant urban counties with high quality lectures start special ed

At the provincial, city leaders take the lead three strict three special education lectures demonstration, recently, the province’s county and city party secretary meticulous preparation, careful preparation, high quality good education lectures, lectures to start special education.

grass-roots party members and cadres have leading cadres lectures "like" good, that special education secretary speaking lectures start to start, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the party’s ideological and political work, but also actively explore the regular good lectures, strict party life cable. Everyone said to the three three real strict rooted in the ideas and practice, adhere to clean, loyalty, play, ideals and faith, morality and personality as a highlight, dare to play, not shame mission, adhere to the strict discipline and rules, carry forward the good style, good service for the masses of the people, to become the primary good party members and cadres.  

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