Xining city issued the 2011 Xining clean government and anti corruption work of the main tasks of th

to further implement the spirit of the twelve plenary session of the ten municipal and provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee, to ensure that this year’s anti-corruption tasks carried out, recently, municipal Party committee issued a "2011 city clean government and anti-corruption work opinions" division. "Opinions" are the main task of the division in 2011 the city’s clean government and anti-corruption work from eleven aspects, a clear lead unit, the organizer and the responsible units, put forward specific requirements for the main task.
"opinions" requirements on the various departments and units in various regions around the strengthening of the central and provincial Party A major decision to deploy the implementation of the supervision and inspection. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of the Yushu post disaster reconstruction project implementation, strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of expanding domestic demand to promote economic growth policies, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the deployment of the decision to maintain national unity and social stability, strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation of the party’s political discipline; to further strengthen the work style of leading cadres. Efforts to improve the work style of cadres, to further strengthen the discipline of personnel work; strengthen clean government education and leading cadres honest and self-discipline. We will carry out the propaganda and education on anti-corruption and clean government, and thoroughly implement the guidelines for the honesty and integrity of leading cadres of the Communist Party of china. To solve the land acquisition and resettlement, housing security and harm the interests of the masses, to increase food and drug safety remediation efforts, and severely punish violations of environmental protection, carry out the production safety laws and regulations and the system of responsibility for production safety supervision and inspection of the implementation, strengthen supervision and inspection of the use of special funds, to arbitrary charges, management education in the pharmaceutical sales and medical services, unwholesome tendencies increase the burden on enterprises, increase the highway "sanluan" efforts to strengthen governance, industry associations, market intermediary organizations, public service industry regulation, innovation and perfection of democratic appraisal work style; investigating serious violations; to carry out the special treatment work. Strengthen the supervision and management of engineering construction bidding activities, strengthen the management of land resources, carry out the small Treasuries special celebrations, seminars, forums, carry out the excessive issue special treatment, conscientiously carry out special treatment of official vehicles, continue to carry out the management of public funds abroad (Habitat) tourism work, conscientiously implement on the party and government organs the official reception management regulations, and actively promote the transparency of administrative power online and electronic monitoring system construction work, deepen the reform of the administrative system, promote the reform of personnel system, promote the reform of the judicial system; actively promote inner-Party supervision work. Strengthen the supervision of the general work, conscientiously implement the party supervision regulations; promote the construction of clean government at the grassroots level, to further promote grass-roots party affairs work, to further promote open government work, to further promote the work of village affairs, deepen the publicity of factory affairs and public enterprises and institutions of public service work, strengthen the construction of rural clean government, state-owned enterprises to strengthen anti-corruption the construction of city community, to promote the non-public economy and new social organizations clean government; to further promote the construction of punishment and prevention system; strictly implement the clean and honest work; strengthen discipline inspection machine;

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