Xining air pollution control regulations implemented next year

The reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Qinghai province twelve session of the twenty-third meeting of the Standing Committee approved the "Xining City air pollution control regulations" will be officially implemented in March 1st next year, this is the first Tibetan Plateau city air pollution control regulations.

it is reported that the "Xining atmospheric pollution prevention act," a total of eight chapters 84, the detailed provisions for the discharge of atmospheric pollutants, dust pollution control, vehicle exhaust pollution control, coal and other high polluting fuels such as pollution control, the implementation and refinement of the "People’s Republic of China environmental protection", "People’s Republic of China air pollution prevention and control law" and other relevant laws and regulations of the establishment of air pollution prevention and control measures, provide a legal basis for the city environmental protection departments to carry out the functions of environmental pollution control, comprehensive management work towards institutionalization, normalization, long-term laid a legal foundation for the city to carry out air pollution.

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