Xining City North District price subsidies 44 thousand and 700 yuan

In order to ensure the basic stability of market prices during the holiday season, the north to take positive measures to stabilize prices, the price of vegetables has been issued to the more than and 100 temporary price subsidies of $44 thousand and 700. It is understood that the North price department of the strict implementation of the price publicity system, making the price of publicity card 600, issued to the area of the main market on time, published on the day of the main vegetable varieties of wholesale and retail prices, under the supervision of the masses. At the same time, strengthen price monitoring and early warning, monitoring the implementation date of report system of grain, oil, meat, eggs, vegetables and other necessities of life important residents of the area daily price, farmers market and green food, Hakka, Hui Ning group and other large supermarket residents daily necessities prices of city tour; implement the zero slip control of the main all varieties of vegetables North farmers market 27, effectively curb unreasonable price increases the price of vegetables. Continue to implement the highest retail price management of the retail price of beef and mutton in the main markets. In addition, the region to strengthen the market supervision and inspection, to crack down and investigate the price alliance, price collusion, hoarding and profiteering, price gouging, disguised price hikes, "Caiba" and "meat tyrants" violating the law and disrupting the market order behavior. (Fang Xu, Fan Shengdong)

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