Qinghai college entrance examination in 2012 to end the enrollment rate of 96%


provincial examination management center held in 2012 fifth times the general college admissions press conference (Chen Wenyuan photography)With the end of the end of August

specialist batch admission, which lasted more than and 50 days in Qinghai Province in 2012 the ordinary higher school enrollment ended.

in the afternoon of September 5th, in 2012, the college entrance examination fifth press conference held in Qinghai province examination management center. At the meeting, the provincial examination management center, the person in charge of the enrollment of college admissions in 2012, a brief review of the province’s colleges and universities in 2012 to recruit students and introduce the next phase of the main work.

enrollment rate of 96% higher than last year

reporter learned at the press conference, in 2012 the province’s colleges and universities to participate in the college entrance examination enrollment of a total of 40740 candidates, of whom the liberal arts, science, 25467, other categories of candidates for the 4220 person. The total enrollment plan 34606 people, including undergraduate students of 18989, specialist, 15617. At present, a total of 36058 people to enroll students (including single examination and enrollment, undergraduate, five years of enrollment, the helicopter) including 20487 undergraduate, specialist 15562 people, the province college enrolled more than 12787 people, foreign institutions admitted more than 23271 people. The number of admissions, oriented enrollment in poor areas 286 people (undergraduate, specialist, 100 people), Qinghai University, township hospitals for free medical orientation of students of 170 people, counterpart vocational college students of 876. Super plan to complete the enrollment task, the specific data are in the statistics.

it is understood that the specialty batch enrollment is lower than in previous years. Specialist batch admission work in advance admission specialist alone, the first batch of specialist, specialist second batches, a total of three batches of admission of new students (including literature and history of the class of 4837 people, science and engineering class of 8872 people, other categories of 1853 people).

not only college entrance examination

Qinghai province

examination management center responsible person to remind the majority of candidates, enrollment in our province college admission work is over, you can take the entrance exam of survival way to realize university dream. One is to participate in Qinghai adult college entrance examination. The trick has released the "2012 enrollment of adult higher education in Qinghai province to carry out detailed rules", in September 20th around the admissions registration, take the exam in November, December admission. Adult college entrance examination is a national education examination, which is recognized by the state. Learning form of full-time, part-time and correspondence three. Two is to participate in the Qinghai self-study exam. Each year from March 1st to 10, September 1st to 10 in the state city Zhaoban two registration, April, October to participate in the two test. College and undergraduate level. After the completion of the provisions of the course, the results achieved by the state recognized diploma. Ordinary graduates can enjoy the same waiting;

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