Wang Liming went to Yushu investigation of safety production and poverty alleviation precise stresse

10 month 25 days to 27 days, vice governor Wang Liming in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and the safety research of Nangqian county poverty alleviation precise, detailed understanding of city construction, industrial development, poverty alleviation accurate and safe production work.

Wang Liming has in-depth Yushu Batang photovoltaic power station, gas station, poor industrial park, city management center and other local research, to observe the scene of Yushu city fire brigade fire drills, a detailed understanding of the work of production safety situation, stressed the need to pay close attention to production safety, and effectively prevent and resolutely curb safety accidents.

in Nangqian County, Wang Liming investigates the yuankanin beverage factory, black barley beer factory and farmers’ cooperatives, visit condolences to the poor people with Xiao Xiang, and the organization of the county Party committee and government and relevant departments responsible comrades held a forum to discuss the poverty alleviation work. He pointed out that we should conscientiously implement the provincial government decision to deploy on the precise poverty alleviation, combine Nangqian county specific resources, the implementation of ecological tourism development projects to promote ecological protection, tourism service industry and derivatives industry development. To rely on the County dairy products, yuenkanin, black barley and other characteristics of agricultural products, through the renewal of equipment, technology innovation, industry rich varieties, improve product quality, take the "College and the new, fine, special and special" development road. To adhere to the cultivation of new agricultural cooperation organization combining development, poverty alleviation and agriculture and animal husbandry, the implementation of poverty alleviation projects, science and technology to promote the village households out of poverty to get rich sustainable development.


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