South of the provincial capital of South Road Landscape pain

"flowers, fences and warning signs on the street are often destroyed." April 23rd, the provincial city of Ms. white to the newspaper 96369 hotline call, said the provincial urban construction in the South Road, some municipal landscape was damaged to varying degrees.

for potted plant

April 23rd in the afternoon, the reporter saw in the province’s urban road, some flower seems to have "unstable", and you can see a flower and a big hole, some flowers directly uprooted after discarded in the street, and some were even the end of the basin to go. The road has nearly 10000 flower pots, each flower in the price of two dollars or so. "Some people even while planted garden workers bent to steal potted plants, some people do not listen to discourage, annoying!" Xining City East District Landscaping Management Office staff said. In an interview with reporters saw some people in order to take a shortcut across from potted plant.

warning signs unlucky

"installed warning signs were broken off, and some are still hanging on the tree." Mr. Zhao said the public. The reporter saw in the road, a small garden, and a reminder on the warning signs have been upset, broken down on the side of all a hideous mess. These warning signs, with a warm sign, the purpose is to achieve harmony with the surrounding landscape, and some people do not think so." Municipal staff said.

lawn shame

if the weather is good, some people sit together in twos and threes, some people simply in the small garden lawn party." Mr. Wang said the public. In the founding of the small garden in the south, for the rest of the people rarely sit chair, the majority of people choose to relax in the small garden lawn trees. Reporters saw the lawn in the park is full of peel and paper, a serious impact on the health of small garden. Serious damage to the lawn, only a few green overwhelmed, it is common to enjoy the resources, who have the responsibility to care. Some people say.

fence by

"in the middle of the road fence has been destroyed several places, some people in order to facilitate the map, destroy the fence to cross the road." Public Zhang said. The fence is to ensure the safety of the public travel, some people would prefer to take shortcuts, regardless of their own safety." Municipal staff said. In the nearly 100 meters of Jianguo Road, the reporter can be seen everywhere in the central part of the fence was destroyed, some people in the traffic flow across the road, very dangerous. (author: Qi Xiaojun)

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