To carry out the work of earthquake emergency guidance Bureau Xingzhi Primary School

  to continue to strengthen the propaganda and education of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction of the teachers and students, all teachers and students of the primary school to further deepen the awareness of earthquake disaster reduction, improve emergency, first aid and emergency ability, grasp the response time of the earthquake protective measures to reduce earthquake disaster losses. In October 9, 2010, Xingzhi Primary School more than 1400 teachers and students to carry out the earthquake emergency exercises, Seismological Bureau of Xining city was invited to the scene to guide the earthquake emergency exercises.

exercise before the start of my bureau invited the Seismological Bureau of Qinghai Province Education Center Senior Engineer Sun Hongbin to carry out earthquake knowledge lectures on relevant primary school teachers. At the same time, all the students through the media to watch the earthquake popular science audio-visual film, after class teachers should pay attention to the earthquake and how to escape the earthquake and other content to the students in detail.

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