The new life of the octogenarian

"Come and go, for a while, where are you going?" In the newly built square on the body of the Uncle Zhang looked at the distance from the old neighbor, hastened to ask.

"son daughter-in-law to the county to do I wait for them out of special purchases for the Spring Festival, ah!" Conversation, the old man sitting in the square next to the sun drying up. Not far away, a group of children are playing games in twos and threes.

with the old man’s eyes, the reporter saw, spacious fitness Plaza fitness equipment placed in a block, put well-proportioned stone and the side of the kiosk do not have the charm, side brush a new yellow Flour Ash farmers wall and smooth clean cement road makes people feel fresh when meal. In front of the houses have a garden, a house changed. It is no wonder that the old man will be smiling Lee told reporters: one or two years have not come to my relatives, to the entrance to the village can not find the door!"

this is a village of 1498 people, 428 households, changing the construction of the beautiful countryside in 2014 is not only outside of the environment. Take advantage of this opportunity, Haruki actively negotiate with the natural gas company, so that every household has access to natural gas. "I am a low assurance, last year, the village gave me a reconstruction of the index, we put the house renovation." Li Jiayun, the old man on the cover of the house at the beginning of some melancholy, he was afraid that the winter stove to the new houses are dirty. Later, Haruki told everyone that every household must be on the gas, which can make me happy bad, previously seen in the county relatives, and clean and convenient. This is what our lives are like, even better than they are!" Originally a household costs 5960 yuan, after Haruki and natural gas company’s communication to get a number of concessions, coupled with the subsidy of the Haruki, the cost of a villager to connect the gas eventually reduced to $1960. Now, nearly half of the villagers have been used in the home gas.

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