Face girl happy life this offbeat entrepreneurial way

is now an era of public entrepreneurship, while people are also very entrepreneurial creativity, only in the entrepreneurial time into some innovative elements, in order to lead the entire entrepreneurial market, so unique.

if there is such a girl, she is also the beauty of madness, what all don’t do, just stay at home to sit in front of the mirror, all day long to smear the face of the world’s top luxury cosmetics Lancome, you guess, she will be in the future? I believe everyone will say, this girl is going to be down and out, the future is certainly to be prodigal!

began, I also agree with you that, but we are wrong! Not only do not have to pay their own money to buy these cosmetics, Lancome also gave her a lot of money.

this is not the girl is tell some fantastic tales, known as one of the most intelligent girl Vietnamese girl Michelleplan. This year only 25 years old girl let a world’s top cosmetics companies willing to pay for their own beauty, how she let this dream into reality?

2007 summer vacation, study art major Michelleplan university graduate, eager to find a job to support themselves and hard half a lifetime mother. Seek to find, Michelleplan finally see the world famous cosmetics Lancome in the recruitment of special lady.

to enter with a history of 75 years, long stemmed undefeated French Rose "Lancome, is the dream of many girls, Michelleplan do not hesitate to report the name.

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