Big data entrepreneurial opportunities is a big trend

The advent of the era of

Internet entrepreneurs, bring people a lot of business opportunities, want to get ready for entrepreneurial information, more accurate positioning of entrepreneurship, big data entrepreneurs may be more suitable for entrepreneurs to choose. Nine hop venture capital Xie said: big data entrepreneurial opportunities.

AlphaGo’s victory is the victory of big data + deep learning, through deep learning based on large data to reduce the amount of search, find the probability of winning the biggest moves in a limited search time and space, the author is unable to discuss the specific algorithm, but can bring out business opportunities for big data thinking.

I firmly believe that

1, with the development of sensor technology, IOT, wearable devices, the human and the environment of the data process will be faster and faster, that is, the data will be more and more.

2, all things Internet, smart things is a big trend, and intelligence is based on big data, we think, big data is from human cognitive and affective learning to collect sensory organs, is a large data processing system, artificial intelligence is to simulate the recognition process of knowledge and thinking.

since the pointcuts represent the general trend of entrepreneurship, where? From the industrial chain, can be divided into three parts. Data collection, data processing, data application.

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