The first question you need to ask before starting a business is that am not fit to go this way

entrepreneurship, choose a suitable field, in order to long-term profitability, especially in today’s highly competitive. In January 19th, WeChat founder Huang Taiji Hao Chang took the lead in the circle of friends published a report entitled "thinking of using the Internet to make China" article, then 90 Allison, 91 Ma spicy female assistant developer Xiong Jun, easy to wash food Zhang Yang, carved sirloin Lord Meng wake and other avant-garde entrepreneurs have also issued a document on the EU for their entrepreneurship camp raising money.

"raised" the first from western countries, which means to show the creative act, to obtain financial assistance of the public. As for the

"raise", only to talk about the narrow angle of entrepreneurship. Domestic entrepreneurs to raise the concept of the public is relatively late, the word was talked about is just a matter of the past two years. />