Online shop to pay attention to what skills

now, the Internet has opened a lingerie store has become a lot of people choose to start. Online shop, in addition to selecting the platform, the channel is also one of the owners of the purchase of a headache, in the end what channels of purchase? What are the skills of the purchase? Although online shopping convenience, but in the end is not really fly it? We invited a well-known network marketing expert Yang Ning told us about the opening of a lingerie shop, online purchase of those skills.

before purchase in the shop to see, some shopkeepers is to choose products according to their own preferences, their own restaurant and some shopkeepers are chosen according to the characteristics of quarterly product trends! No matter what, in the shop before the purchase of the best in a similar shop to stroll around, look at other shops selling all kinds of goods to do the plan, so as to avoid the seller from the beginning detours.

online purchase, learn to identify business: the most important thing is to see some foreign trade underwear wholesale, selective contrast. Look at what cooperation, what the price of the product for yourself, you can also use QQ or Wang Wang, add foreign trade underwear supply network customer service, online consulting. On the one hand can quickly understand the foreign trade underwear wholesale or agency cooperation; on the other hand, can also be through effective communication, look at foreign trade underwear supply business whether professional service attitude is good, whether to understand their own foreign trade underwear products.

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The decoration design should not be too fancy