Shenzhen actively create venture capital entrepreneurial talent up to 1 million 760 thousand

now a lot of people have entrepreneurial dream, the government’s encouragement, family support, coupled with their own enthusiasm, entrepreneurs with the ideal road, began his own struggle. Recently, jointly organized by the organization and personnel Chinese daily, the Party Organization Department, Mirs district Party committee of the "talent driven innovation seminar held in Dapeng district. In Shenzhen, more than about 10000000 of the resident population, entrepreneurial talent has reached up to 1 million 760 thousand!

as the seminar, the innovation and development of the Mirs district is a microcosm of Shenzhen. The establishment of the new beginning realize that talent is the core power of innovation driven, great efforts in innovation talent system, every year not less than 30 million yuan of outstanding talent development fund award. In addition, the completion of the city’s largest housing to solve the problem of personnel placement, and in the next 5 years to build a new talent apartment 5000. In 3 years, the district has attracted to the dam light as the core promoter region of the international Bio Valley, International Life Science Industry Park, National Marine Industrial Park, as well as the world’s largest gene pool landed here more attracted by the Hopki Medical Research Institute and other world-class scientific innovation team rooted emerging innovations.