The history of the most stringent delisting system of listed companies began to implement

innovation and entrepreneurship policy support, venture capital companies are more and more, however, part of the GEM companies and why start shell war. And now the development of the situation is what kind of? Here’s a look at the following analysis!

2 16, known as the history of the most stringent delisting system of listed companies began to perform, the motherboard delisting the company has a buffer period, the gem company if the conditions are directly delisting. A ripple, see how the security shell company.

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and the motherboard delisting "buffer period", facing the GEM companies is in line with the conditions will be directly delisting delisting". Therefore, investors worried about the gem delisting risk.

by these news, February 22nd, although the A shares rose, but most companies of the 10 companies fell, February 23rd,   10 company’s stock price continued to fall.

"international finance" reporter found out, issued to suspend the listing announcement of the company is mainly divided into two categories: one is the investigation, one is the performance of continuous decline. Many companies are not the first encounter these two situations, it may not be easy to delisting.

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"international finance" reporter statistics found that since 2015 there have been geeya, Jiayu shares, Beijing Tianli, Xintai electric, the handsome rise, iShares information, flush, Rui Qi shares, Baoli international, Yoshimine agricultural and biological Galaxy 11 GEM companies are issued suspension of listed risk warning announcement. Among them, the top 9 companies are due to be investigated, and the risk of suspension of listing.

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