The dino chicken Sliced noodles joined in support of what

pasta is now in people’s minds is what position? What is the status of staple food, pasta, what kind of position, the demand for natural pasta is natural. Sliced noodles are representative of the noodles in the garden of Chinese noodles, the world can be a must, which is the most famous chicken knife in Sliced noodles noodles. The dino chicken juice Sliced noodles, the technology center headquarters of the long-term exploration and repeated improvement, research and development of a more popular. The face of sophisticated technology, produced exquisite, unique flavor, exquisite soup with noodles, white color, light bars; sophisticated materials, the use of local chicken and condiments stewed soup, fried stew seasoning with two kinds of lean whistle; strict election materials, surface whistle meat, Tang Xian, taste and tender crisp. Want to join the dino chicken juice Sliced noodles, the company headquarters which support


explosion dragon chicken juice Sliced noodles joined in support of

1. system technical support:

headquarters to join the comprehensive and systematic training, including: procurement, ingredients awareness, pickling, ingredients, cutting, production, such as a full set of operating procedures, store decoration, cost control, etc.. The actual operation of the field to strengthen training, general 5-7 days can learn. The company’s late development of new products franchisee can also receive free training.

2. logistics support:

headquarters provides strong logistical support. Ingredients, packaging, etc. can be unified throughout the distribution, the new listing of the full support of free trade. Investors shop to provide store design, advertising design support.

3. advertising support:

The headquarters of the

through different media organizations nationwide to integrate advertising, with the most direct and effective way of promotion, will be Wang Ke known to every family, people. Regional advertising design support.

4. area protection support:

each county limits the development of 1-2, the full no longer set a new batch of investors, but investors in its headquarters support protection area in accordance with the provisions set up directly under the branch, outstanding investors can also qualify for the regional agency.

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