The couple do what good business

now many young couple are also considering entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial young couple, you must first find a good project, small business project is the focus we can consider. The couple start to do what is good? Many friends have such questions, today we recommend several small entrepreneurial projects.

the total investment to 40 thousand yuan. Among them, the goods are complete, thoughtful service is the key. The convenience store to take the principle of small profits, with accurate, fast and efficient service to win market initiative. Calculated by the proportion of investment and income, gross income is roughly 2-2.6 yuan a year.

gradually with the enhancement of farmer agriculture science and technology consciousness and the concept of the rule of law, and gradually carry out the construction of spiritual civilization in rural areas, many young farmers are not satisfied with the sunrise and sunset of life, the rich pocket also began to head rich. They are eager to improve their cultural literacy and legal knowledge of science and technology, the demand for books, especially science and technology law newspapers, books will grow.

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