What documents need to open nternet cafes

although the family network has now begun to spread, but the Internet cafe business is also very prosperous, because of this, there will be more and more investors want to open a cafe. However, the successful opening of Internet cafes, and do not say that the effort required, but also the relevant documents. So, open Internet cafes need what documents?

Internet card, in fact, is a cultural management card, and now most of the region is not allowed to issue the Internet card, but you can buy or network or other Internet cafes do not do.

fire certificate, the local fire department can handle, note the choice of a place to vent, two to have the necessary export, the purchase of fire fighting equipment, four automatic lighting emergency lights.

business card, the local industry and Commerce Bureau can handle, will be the purchase of online consumer management needs to know, Internet cafe management needs to know, Internet cafe management drawing, Internet regulations and minors into the brand.

public security card, in fact, just a form or an agreement, each place is more or less the same!

of course, here Xiaobian introduced some main documents, if you want to truly successful open an Internet cafe, nature will also need a variety of documents are prepared, so that it can take time for Internet cafes in all kinds of examination, make better operation, get higher recognition at the same time, to create more wealth for myself.

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